Remembrance Day

November 13, 2017

Hey Guys!

Well, I am a couple days late to posting about Remembrance Day, but I hope that everyone was able to take a moment to think about the people who have sacrificed and continue to put their lives on the line for our freedom.

History has always been my favourite topic, so it’s easy for me to take a weekend and dedicate my time to learning something about any of the wars. Not only is it to expand my knowledge, but to also try to get even just a glance into the emotional side of what men and women go through. I’ll never be able to come close to understanding, but I feel like my empathy for them grows and maybe I have somewhat of a clearer image than I did before.

Anyways, today my post is of some very good books and movies I have read that I have watched or am watching for this long weekend.

Movies/ TV:

  1. Band of Brothers- it’s what I’m currently watching (ep.2) and is AMAZING. I watch this show every single year. My brother is loaning me his copy of Pacific too, so I’ll start that this week as well! Band of Brothers follows Easy Company as they go through the war. Easy Company were part of the Airborne division and were the guys who parachuted out of a plane on D- Day in WW2. The show follows their training process, their jump on D- Day and the fights up until the end of the war. Tom Hanks is an executive producer of the show, and you also get to see his son in the series too! Very cool!
  2. Saving Private Ryan- Another awesome and obvious movie to add to the list. During WW2, soldiers were sent to find a Private Ryan. As letters are being typed up to send to the families whose members had died in the war, a woman notices that 3 of the soldiers were from the same family. The mother was being notified that 3 of her 4 sons had died and at the same time, because of D- Day. Soldiers are sent on a mission to find the last brother to bring him home safe to his family who had just gone through a big loss. Based on a true story, Steven Spielberg writes and directs an amazing story. The way D- Day is filmed is the best in that movie.
  3. Pearl Harbor- Love this movie. It makes me cry every time! This one is easy to explain! It’s the movie about the attack of the Japanese on the Americans in Pearl Harbor in Hawaii! The Americans had not yet entered the war, and were getting used to living their lives in Hawaii. Pearl Harbor was the attack that officially made them enter the WW2. Michael Bay directs this movie- I had no idea!
  4. Dunkirk! I freaking love this movie! I talk about it a lot! An awesome Christopher Nolan movie! The back story behind Dunkirk, is that in 1940 the Germans had moved into France. The British and French were attempting to escape out through Dunkirk but were trapped on the bay by the Germans. The movie, doesn’t give a ton of background, but focuses strictly on their escape. The entire movie you are stressed! There is barely any sound, so loud noises begin to scare you, the sound of the clock makes you stressed and impatient. There are barely any lines, almost no talking, so you never know what anyone’s really thinking. It’s like you’re there! Super stressful, but truly an amazing show of survival instinct.
  5. Schindler’s List- Another Steven Speilberg. This movie is so sad. It’s the longest movie I’ve ever seen. It felt like it was 6 hours of just me crying! The movie is about a German business man who starts a factory for Jewish workers to make money. When the Jews begin to be exterminated, Schindler tries to save his workers by making excuses to keep his factory operating. It’s an emotional movie, shot in black and white.
  6. Enemy at the Gate- this movie, has some romance in it too actually, but is about the Russians stopping the Germans from entering Russia. Russia is almost unconquerable because of the amount of land and the cold environment. Men were freezing and dying. Vassili is a Russian sniper, who has been deemed a hero. The movie focuses on him fighting a Nazi sniper who is sent to kill the man who is the hero. The movie is awesome, because it shows what Russian soldiers had to deal with in WW2. For example, Stalin limited supplies to fighters so there would be 1 gun to 3 people.

Alright, I’m moving onto Books before I run out of room here!

  1. The Secret Of Raven point (Jennifer Vanderbes)- I’ve talked about this book in the past, but it’s about a girl who joins the military as a nurse to find her brother who has gone missing. The book focuses on being a nurse in WW2, and what they witnessed and had been through with the constant trauma cases.
  2. The Nightingale (Kristin Hannah)- Oh my god. My brother’s girlfriend suggested this book to me and it was one of the best books I’ve ever read! It focuses on two sisters during WW2. The one sister constantly puts her life on the line for her country (France)and becomes a spy. The other sister is more reserved, but ends up playing a big part in the war by protecting kids.
  3. The Book Thief (Markus Zusak)- This book is told from the perspective of death. An orphan gets adopted by a German family during WW2. Her father teaches her how to read, who grows to love books. Liesel even rescues one from the Nazi book burning. Her father resists joining the Nazi party and even houses a Jewish boy at one point.
  4. The Diary of Anne Frank- I read this book in grade 4, and can remember the stress I felt throughout the book. If you don’t know the story, Anne Frank was a girl in WW2 who wrote about her experiences hiding from the Nazi’s in Amsterdam. It is worth the read to truly understand what the Jewish people had gone through.
  5. Night (Eilie Wiesel)- is an autobiography about a Jewish man who was sent to a concentration camp. He describes his days living at Auschwitz. I feel like that is all I should say about it.
  6. The Nazi Hunters (Andrew Nagorski)- this is a history book focusing on the trials of the Nazi commanders and higher ups in Germany after the war. It was interesting, because it discussed some of the hunting that people did to try to find the high ranking commanders hiding in places like Argentina. It also discussed the Nuremburg trials, and the process of the trials.
  7. The Nazi Officers Wife (Edith Hahn Beer, Susan Dworkin)- The last book I have, and another autobiography. Edith Hahn was a Jewish lady living in Vienna, Austria. She had managed to escape a work camp, and had a friend forge papers for her. The book goes into her life in hiding and actually marrying a Nazi officer at some point!
  8. Easy Company Soldier (Donald George Malarkey) – If you LOVE Band of Brothers like me, then you will love this book! It’s actually an autobiography on Sergeant Malarkey who was apart of Easy Company! He talks about his decision to join the army, and all the important parts of the war. Also, what parts Hollywood wanted to include versus what actually happened! It would be a good gift idea for a Band of Brothers author!

I think that’s good for now! I have many many more books and movies that I have read throughout the years. My love for history can be credited to my dad and his passion for history!


Let me know if there’s a book or movie I should be reading/watching!


– Erin xo

Puerto Vallarta Mexico

November 9, 2017

Hey Everyone!

It has been a VERY long time since I have done a travel post! VERY long time! So, I thought it would be fun to finally do one- they are my favourite posts after all!

I think today is a great day to talk about Mexico! It’s cold, and snowy and a great time to talk about something warm and relaxing!

In June, maybe July? Anyways at some point this summer, I was thinking about how I didn’t get a very long vacation. When I went on vacation I was still working and they were never long enough. All I could think about was this super long trip to Europe I have planned in 2018, but it’s still soooo faarrrr awaaayyy! So I texted up my friend saying “We need a mid-point vacation before Europe. I will NOT make it to Europe!” We had debated about a few places- Hawaii? Las Vegas? Mexico?- but when it came down to it, the all inclusive hotel was PERFECT for both of our needs! We didn’t want the hassle of getting around, and making food basically (so much laziness), so Mexico all inclusive?- Perfect!IMG_3098

We decided on Puerto Vallarta region, and the hotel Riu Vallarta. It’s a 5- star all inclusive (Hotel link is at the bottom). We had debated about a few places, but I was very keen on going to this place after seeing the water slides and the look of the hotel. You’re probably thinking water slides?- ya I don’t know why I based my decision on that considering I don’t even care for pools, or go on water slides ever… In the end, it was still a great decision! The resort was clean, and had many good features!


Everyday we would begin our day with the buffet for breakfast! There were four possible places you could eat at- One fancy place inside the hotel, an Asian food place next door, another dress up/ fancy restaurant next to the ocean, and the buffet which changed it’s theme every night so you always had options! Anyways, after breakfast we would go to the beach for like 8 hours at a time! We would relax and suntan on the beach, go for a quick ocean swim (Every time we were like I’m not getting my hair wet, and every time my hair would get wet because I was pelted by a wave), eat some lunch back at the buffet and would drink an above average amount of Piña coladas, or Bahama mamas. These drinks would be served to us on the beach- which was amazing, but also kind of terrible at times! At one point, I had about 4- 5 drinks in a row ( I got one for my friend, but she was sleeping so I drank hers LOL) and got up to go to the bathroom and was like alright feeling a little day drunk! They sneak up on you fast when you’re not moving! Also, there were a couple of times we moved to the pool to avoid the sun and get a bit of a break! The pool was nice for shade, and also had areas where you could sit and read your book- I was super thrilled about that!IMG_3103

There were always activities throughout the day! I would say that the entertainment group there was amazing for getting people involved! They would play Spanish music VERY loud and would do stretching classes by the beach, Zumba, beach volleyball, soccer, and more! They constantly had people up and going and the funny thing was, that there were a lot of people involved that you wouldn’t think would be! During the day too, they would have either beach games or pool games- dancing, swimming, football games, and at one point they even had a foam party! They had a canon shoot out foam at people in the pool!

By 5pm, we were back in our room getting ready for dinner. Every night we came out to the main square for dinner, there was always a different theme by the entertainment group! There was Halloween, day of the dead, Mexican folk night, Michael Jackson, Rock Day and circus. The main concourse would be decorate with the theme, people would be dressed up, and they would constantly have activities for people to participate in. Usually during/ after supper, there was live music playing- different bands for people to dance to, and halfway through the evening there would be a live show! Dancers would come out dressed in costumes matching the theme of the night! I think it’s also worth it to note that the Haunted House they did was actually terrifying. My friend screamed and ran through the entire thing and I jumped into some poor Mexican dude’s arms, while he was with his kids trying to get through.IMG_3195

Overall, the trip was amazing! I highly recommend! There are a lot of activities for the kids as well if you are worried about that! We also did an excursion to town, which I will talk about in one of my future posts! There’s a lot to tell about the excursion!



Have you been to Mexico? What was your favourite part and where did you go? Let me know in the comments!

Link for the Hotel Riu Vallarta we stayed at (about 30 mins from Puerto Vallarta in Nuveo Vallarta)

– Erin xo

My Date With Stress

Hey Everyone!

It has been a while since I have posted last- sorry about that! I had just a short post for you today before I get back into the swing of things!

I finally had that last day of my job that was overwhelming! It’s officially done now and I can relax and focus on the things I love instead! It was very hard to adjust to not being stressed. That was the crazy part! I thought that when I quit- that would be that! I would just simply get over it, stop being stressed and move on with my life. However, that is not how stress works. I realized this very quickly. The way your body responds to stress is insane, and it doesn’t just snap back to fine when you’re done!

For one, I had extremely tense muscles. They tightened around my neck, shoulders, left arm, and down my spine. I couldn’t sleep because I was constantly uncomfortable! Sometimes, I would even get a pinched nerve and the pain would go to all of those target areas and then down into my torso. There were a couple days where I was paralyzed with pain and could not move. I was stuck in a reclined position on the couch and when I was finally able to get up and go to bed, I could only lay down on one side. I ended up staying up until 2:00am I was in so much pain! I finally was able to massage it out and attempt to get some sleep. During this time period, I also went through periods of no sleep and felt this dull ache in my stomach always. I also had this sharp pain, I would constantly get under my ribcage. If I have learned anything throughout my life, it’s that that sharp pain and dull ache is where I always feel my stress and anxiety. It’s crazy how much stress affects your body.

It also 10000000% messed with my mental game. I mean this is very obvious, but it’s still nice to be reminded! After this job, I was happy that I had quit, but I was a wreck underneath all that happiness! I was emotional and angry and would lash out at people (my poor, poor family). So here’s the story. I had booked a trip to Mexico a while, back so I started online bathing suit shopping and I decided to splurge. I bought these swim suits from this site two weeks before my trip, thinking that would be enough time (I had bought 3 tops, 1 bottoms, and 1 one piece). OF COURSE THEY DIDN’T SHOW UP. I had to use the only 2 bathing suits that fit- which was a blow to my self esteem, and luckily my friend and another that didn’t fit her. I was honestly devastated and everyday they didn’t show up was just another day I was mad, upset and building up. Of course I lost it on everyone and was so pissed because I do not fit into normal bathing suits- so I couldn’t do any last minute shopping. Everyday up to the trip, my mom and friends would ask me- how can I make this better? (I told you, I have an amazing support system!). Everyday I was like you can’t- I was breaking out, had no swimsuits and of course started my period. I was feeling like what else? But not in that bring it on kind of attitude, more like the self pitying kind.

Now I know you’re reading this being like Erin, that is a crazy reaction to swimsuits- and yes I know it is. But when it came down to it, I could not handle anymore stress. I needed this one thing to go right and when it didn’t, I finally had that break down that I should’ve had for that job. I was literally SO stressed out that I could not take on anymore stress. So even a stressful situation that was so minor, through me over the edge. I was crazy. When I went to get on the plane to Mexico, my mom said to me “I hope you are able to relax and come back stress free.” And I did.

I was lucky to be able to have this trip planned. It was perfect. The first day, I had a hard time unwinding and letting people serve drinks to my seat even, but by the last day I was perfectly fine with someone bringing me Bahama mamas on the beach (more on this trip in future posts)! I laid in the sun, listening to the waves, reading my book, doing nothing and thinking of nothing else for the next few days.

If I hadn’t had this trip, I don’t know what I would’ve done, but when I would’ve gotten my head together finally I would have done a few of these things to get my head together. For one, I would have gone back to yoga- specifically restorative yoga. This yoga forces you relax in certain positions, while the teacher tells you to stop thinking over and over. Second, I would have taken a week off of work- I never knew the importance of vacation until this year. You need that time off, everything else can always be put on hold. I would have pampered myself- massages, nails done, a facial- literally anything to get that tension out. I recommend having more baths, just warming up your body, relaxing with some face masks and a glass of wine. There are a number of things, but I think the most important message to take home is to relax and have some me- time. You should never feel guilty about taking some time for yourself. Also, pet therapy helps, my dogs keep me going- ALWAYS.  Here’s two pics of my dogs if you need them- I plan on posting on them at some point too! THEY’RE JUST SO CUTE!


Other than that, I went to Mexico! It was very much needed and a ton of fun! I had a blast! I wish I was back there now instead of in this cold, snowy environment (That’s right, Canada snowed while I was gone!). I’ll talk about this trip in future posts!

What do you do to unwind? Let me know in the comments below!

– Erin xo

My Nike Story

Hey Everyone!

So I don’t know about you, but I LOVE looking good for “working out” (AKA when I DO actually exercise!). No not hair and makeup lol, but clothing! If you are like me, we wear out exercise clothing even for not exercising, which probably influences me to dress nicely even when I’m at the gym. Anyways, I buy a ton of brightly colored and unique patterned gym clothing.

I do have a funny store about my shoes I bought from Sport Chek a while ago. One day I was talking to my mom and she would not stop dropping hints about buying new work runners. Basically, I wore these shoes to Italy and everyday would involve me walking 30 minutes to work. Then at work I was working with dusty boxes of artifacts and walking around all day. After I would walk 30 mins home or sometimes it would take us an extra 10- 20 mins to go to the grocery store and longer to catch a train. You get the picture, it was A LOT of walking and my beautiful shoes were trashed. I had been putting off buying shoes when I got back, because funds were tight and I was also slightly attached. Anyways, my mom got sick of looking at them and offered to help pay. We went to Sport Chek, because one of my friends gave me a discount card, and was like buy Nikes to which I was like fine, whatever.

There I was looking at all of these florescent and beautifully patterned shoes- holding up the brightest pair of red shoes when this worker comes over to ask me if he could help me. So, I wold him I wanted to a size 7 and he looked at me, then back at the shoe. He grabbed it from me and looked it over then said “No you don’t want these shoes.” To which I was starring at him all weird and saying “Yes, I do?”  He then looked at me scrunched up this shoe into a little ball and retorted- ” Look, no support. These are terrible shoes and expensive. Let me show you these shoes that I know you’re going to hate.”

I just looked over at my mom mouthing “What the fuck?” to her as she was trying to hold back a laugh. So I followed him over to the shoes he was looking at to amuse him, even though I knew I was going to buy those bright red shoes. I could just imagine myself showing them off to all my work friends. He picked up the UGLIEST shoe ever and tried to scrunch it up into a ball and couldn’t. “See the support on these babies?”. My mom’s response was something like on these babies?”. My mom’s response was something like ” Ya….. Great….. Those really aren’t her style,” He was like ” You know kids today don’t appreciate well supported shoes anymore. All they want are the colorful ones”

I’d like to take a second to say that I am 24 and was being lectured by a guy a year older than me- which makes this story even better! Also, I started having flashbacks to the days my dad would ship for me. Style was VERY much second to support and practicalities of staying warm in winter. One time, I got a pair of these mittens that basically went up to my elbows and were the ugliest things ever- even though they were warm.

After saying this, he decided it would be better to try to sell us pretty shoes that were half supported. I looked at them to not offend him, but my heart was dead set on these bright red shoes. I didn’t need them to exercise in, just to walk in everyday- especially at a job where I walk a lot. Support is great for exercise, but these are meant to be walking shoes- which I had of course told him. I basically looked at my mom for support, because I’m a combination of socially awkward and a person who can’t stay no.

My mom was like ” No…. Thanks… I think we are done.”

“Phew, thank god I don’t make commission!” was his last response before walking off LOL. We were laughing so hard on the way out!

To conclude this story, I would like to say that we are chickens and went back on his lunch break to buy the shoes. AND that is how I got my beautiful, bright, red Nikes!

Beautiful walk in these awesome shoes!

Thanks to the worker for an awesome story!

-Erin xo

Art Life

Hi Beloved Readers!

One of the things I love to do is create again, I don’t want to go on this crazy rant about not having  time, but basically I realize it’s missing from my life and I want it back. So, it’s back now!

I can’t remember when I really started to love art, but I can remember that I’ve loved it from the start! I always loved coloring (especially when gel pens were a thing!). My mom always told me that I used to sit and sing for hours creating or coloring. I used o always watch that kids show Art Attack! Loved it! I even remember trying out the crafts with my mom.

In jr. high, I was disappointed to not get into art. I didn’t get into fashion either- annoying- but by then I had improved my sketching techniques! One time I went to my aunt’s house and she set up a light under a glass table and I sketched people (I did Beyonce- I was super excited!), and traced them. The tracing was a back up and I practiced sketching and gave me a confidence booster to eventually draw without tracing.IMG_3032

By high school, I finally got into an art class! (I didn’t get in before, because art was so popular and the class was full). I took all of the art classes I could get my hands on! Art 10 to AP Art 30-1 where I got to paint my own scene at a mall! My artwork and plaque is still up there! In Art 10, I had this grouchy, old man teach me art. He never showered when he was on an art roll, because he didn’t want to wash off his artistic ability. So gross. He also always picked on your artwork- although there was one girl who could do no wrong that we were all very jealous of! But without all of that criticism, I worked hard and learned some new techniques. I always felt I had to work harder than anyone else because everyone else had taken art classes and camps- and I never did! The next three classes I took, I had a new teacher because our old, smelly one retired. She was amazing! She taught me creativity and let me do whatever I wanted, but brought in even more mediums to work with. My favorite will always be chalk. I love the colors and I always use my hands. I also loved sculpting and watercolors.IMG_3026

After I graduated I got into Arts at MacEwan. Everyone in life will always push people to sciences. That’ s more practical and science is important. It pays well, has more jobs, more benefits, arts suck, there’s no jobs, blah, blah, blah. I hate people like this. Arts programs have writing jobs like journalism, archaeology (mine), psychology as well, and so much more. People should NEVER make you feel bad for the cancer or path you take! Music is art and it is very powerful! People travel the world for paintings, sculptings- you name it! Everyone reads, watches movies, plays video games, and TV shows- all a form of art. Science can heal you, create buildings and technology, keeps us safe at times, helps us understand nature, chemistry- whatever else the world has to offer! But art helps us feel, express emotions, understand these things science has provided. What you put into this world is important and beautiful. Arts took me to Italy and arts will give me a career. I may never make money off of it, but at least I’ll wake up everyday with a love for my job and a sense of purpose. That’s my biggest and sole fear- will my life have meaning? Can I do something that makes me happy and earn enough to live on? I hope so! And that’s the goal!IMG_3031

Throughout the years, after my high school art classes. I’ve ignored my art to do more “important” things. But, it’s time to get back to it!

– Erin xo


Sept 23, 2017

Hey Everyone!

I know a while back I talked about my anxiety and then disappeared for a month. I am fine, I was/ still am very busy and at the time I thought “Somethings gotta give.” After a month I realized that it can’t be the blog- it has to be something I don’t like that I’m forcing myself to keep doing. So, I quit my job- 1 of them. I know it’s the same job I’ve been trying to quit for a while, only now I have an exact quit date and found people to replace me. I’m thrilled because now I can officially be done and gone before Mexico!

Anyways, the thing I said last time about my anxiety is that I am a writer. I love writing; it soothes me. Whenever I feel any kind of emotion- I write. It’s what I use to soothe my anxiety and get rid of feelings of failure, sadness, anger, but also it reminds me of the times I am happy! On bad days, I read about the good times and it makes me happier. Now I know everyone is different and it becomes tedious to some, or some people don’t get the same joy out of it and that’s fine! But, for anyone who thinks they’re a bad writer and can’t do it- you’re wrong! You can and also who cares! Over time you’ll get better if anyways. Also, I want to add that any form is fine. Personally, I like to physically write it out, but typing, or video blogs, etc work just the same!

So how did I get started on writing? When I was in grade 6, I got a book for Christmas. It was pink and flowery and surprisingly my favorite because I was such a tom boy. I was at my aunt and uncle’s farm in Saskatchewan, Canada and had the time of my life feeding all of the animals! I wanted to keep talking about it, bit I have told everyone! So- I took my fancy new sparkly gel pens and started a journal writing about all my best moments and experiences. Who knew that 13 years later I would still be journaling! Not only was I able to say anything I wanted, but its been a complete account for my life! Some good memories, , some bad- but my life for 13 years has been documented!

When I got to jr. high, I struggled with my anxiety and even started to self medicate. Journaling helped because when I would read back, I realized I hated what I was doing and it was one of the reasons I stopped.

Journaling has always given me a freedom to say what I want, when I want, without consequence. This is good! If I’m frustrated with someone or something, I can write it out and feel better without hurting anyone’s feelings or causing problems and I am able to let it go after. Sometimes I can go back and make a plan about what my next step is in an emotional situation. This way I can write out my frustrations and then make a rational rather than emotional reaction. It’s also just fun! I used to get journals for Christmas and I love buying them. I make a day out of it. I got to Chapters, buy new fancy pens, and a new pretty book, and go over to Starbucks, and start writing and drinking my fancy drinks.IMG_0224

I also just love reading my stuff from when I was a kid. I had some hilarious problems! From the boy crushes to the stories- hilarious. I also have memories from all of these trips I went on with my family! What’s funny too is that you can probably find every score for every single one of my brother’s hockey and soccer games! I LOVED going! It was one of my favorite things to do! As for my sister- her cheerleading and dance competitions were noted later on!

The new thing that’s out is bullet journaling- that looks so much fun! I never had the time to keep up with one, but I would love to start! Pinterest is definitely a great resource for starting! IMG_0225

You’re never too young or old to journal. Society gives off this image of moody teenagers angrily writing and people breaking that person’s privacy by reading to check in. Here’s my opinion about that: 1. You don’t have to use it for just problems. It’s a good way to document your life. Don’t worry about age. It’s for anyone and it records the good and the bad times. I’ve written daily about trips, games, good books, quotes to live by, good memories, movies I loved. But I’ve also written about the bad times to help me out- now these problems seem like nothing! Especially guys! I’ve definitely looked back and been like wtf was I thinking- even about the most recent! 2. It can be as private or as public as you want it to be. I’m still going through my 20s. The years of crossroads, anxiety about the future, and confusion about me making the right choices. Currently, it’s private. But one day I want it to be public to maybe my future kids can learn about me!

So write! And let me know what you think!

-Erin xo

Five Foot Two

September 23, 2017

Well, if you love Lady Gaga as much as I do then, I know that you have already watched her new documentary: Five Foot Two. If you haven’t seen it yet- watch it asap. It is truly an amazing documentary! Also, this movie is relateable because I am also Five Foot Two and if you really compare to the song- I have eyes of blue :).

It was an amazing view into her life and explains a lot- i.e. why her tour keeps cancelling dates. I found I could relate to her feelings and emotions, even though the situations were very different. Loneliness and fear or never finding someone was a big part of it. For her the fame and the achievements are the reasons she feels like guys leave in the end. They can’t handle it. For me, obviously that is not why I feel lonely. I, like her, find myself alone at night feeling lonely and thinking is this it for me? Will I ever find someone, I just have the same doubts. I guess this is what I mean: the documentary humanizes her, and I feel like this is important for people to see. It also shows that life is hard no matter what your socioeconomic status is. I think that it’s important to know that people are struggling all over, and although some people are privileged and can deal with the issue faster or at all, they still have that issue. It was also just so emotional. I cried, I laughed, I yelled- I felt all of the emotions. This latest album had so much feeling and emotion. It was a side of Lady Gaga that a lot of us have never seen. It was emotional, raw, beautiful. It was a new sound. Her documentary showed all of this and that was the best part. To see her throwing her whole self, and true self into an album was what made the documentary memorable for me.IMG_0664

I also just loved how the movie was filmed. The opening and end scenes with superbowl sent shivers done my spine! The music playing, the rise up into the sky- Awesome. Spoilers for those who haven’t seen it, but the baptism part was my favourite! The music, outfits, cars- it was all like a movie, but it’s just her life. What made that part stand out even more was her relationship with her family. Sometimes in Holliwood, people are famous because of their parents, or their parents force them into becoming an actress or actor and you see these sob stories of people being estranged from their families. It was awesome to see that she has such a strong family unit and how much the album meant to her family. It was like a gift to her family that album. I’m not saying theirs something wrong with famous parents, but it’s just nice to see someone who worked hard and got to where they are, but are still supported and loved so deeply and strongly.

Anyways! I guess you could say I liked the movie. 😉 What did you think of it?

– Erin xo

As Leaf Subsides To Leaf…

September 21, 2017

Hey Lovely People!

It is fall here in Alberta, Canada! The leaves are officially yellow, the temperature goes down to 0 degrees Celsius at night, and pumpkin spice is back at Starbucks! Fall is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year. I love the colours of my little world. I actually prefer the colder seasons anyways. I’d rather be too cold then too hot. With cold comes warm drinks, oversized chucky scarves, baggy sweaters, and Chapters reading socks. Fall clothing makes me super happy!

So, as you can probably guess already, I am obsessed with fall clothing! I had a very fun online shopping spree spending my time splurging on summer deals, and the new fall lines! I, of course, justified everything I bought with an excuse. So here are my latest purchases:

Ok, so a couple of weeks ago, my cousin and I went shopping for a dress for her because she has a wedding coming up! She found absolutely nothing, and I found more clothing than I could probably afford! The store we went to is in a small, but growing town in rural Alberta and is called Twig. The store collects a lot of different brands, but overall, their style is more laid back, and comfy. It just looks more stylish than wearing sweatpants- so definitely my favourite! Half of their store was dedicated to the end of summer with beautiful long dresses that were made of that stretchy/soft material, and the other half was their fall line. They had the chunky sweaters, vests, plaid shirts, soft basic tees- all of my favourite things! In the end, I feel like I restrained myself as best as I could. I bought a plaid, soft vest that was just a little bit puffy (perfect!). I also bought just a plain, grey tee. It’s super soft, also baggy and long. I have the worst time trying to find t-shirts like this that are a normal colour! I’m surprised I didn’t buy more!


The other store I splurged on (No Regrets!!), is this little Boutique in Montreal. Obviously, I do not live in Montreal so I do a lot of online shopping! It’s called 1861, and I just happened to find a link to the site one day when I was on Facebook! This stuff can sometimes feel very formal, but I promise that it is worth it to splurge. A lot of the stuff you can dress down. The clothing is also made very well, and is good quality. Outfits can be cheap- I find some stuff is very expensive, while others is more affordable. And, when you get your outfit shipped to you, they wrap it up in the most beautiful way, and they leave a note! My last one said that I had made some excellent selections and they hope I enjoy- they also left a little quote and personally signed it. It’s good service, even though I’m so far away! So what was this amazing selection I purchased! I bought a new fall jacket! It’s thin, but baggy and comfy (clearly how I describe all of my clothing 😉). It looks like a green trench coat! I love it! I also got a skirt! It’s outside of my comfort zone, so I am super excited to wear it! It’s white with all gold and black shapes! Both are amazing pieces, and I can’t wait to wear them this weekend!

Well, the rest of the stuff I splurged on is not clothing, so I’ll let you know what else I splurged on in future posts. What’s your favourite thing about fall? What kinds of clothes do you normally splurge on? 😊

– Erin xo

Learning to Cook

Cooking. Cooking has never been my thing! If we could go back and look at all of the meals I’ve ever made in my life, you would see that I have a long history of burning recipes. It doesn’t even matter if I am cooking or baking, it’s not a good track record.

I would like to get better. I always feel bad, because my family has always been good at cooking! My dad is amazing. He isn’t a chef, but when he gets time to, he is amazing at it. He puts his own spin on various kinds of recipes and will remake certain recipes, changing it each time until it’s perfected. Some of the things he tries are misses, but that is pretty rare now. My grandma is also a good cook as well. Since she has retired, she spends most of her time watching cooking shows or trying out new recipes as well. She always cooks with extremely fresh vegetable- most coming from her garden.

IMG_2807 (2)

Why have I never gotten into cooking? I have no idea. I just know that I shy away, because I know that I am not really that good at it. I also don’t make time or put myself out there to get better at it. I just don’t get how chefs taste something and are like you know what, this would pair really well with this. HOW CAN YOU TELL!

This is something that I have been wanting to try for a while. I wanted to get a book of recipes together that I like and work for me. Currently, I am building a recipe book for myself. I am going to use a variety of sources. I have Pinterest for days I’m stuck, I have old family recipes, such as homemade perogies, and I have my parents overflowing recipe book cabinet (and of course the library for more options). I plan on calling this section Pinterest Successes 2.0. A while back, my brother’s girlfriend and her sister and friends added me to a Pinterest group called Pinterest Successes. In the group, everyone shares what recipes worked for them. I would love to do the same, but blog form! However, the first few might not be successes until I get better at it though! 😉 ( I will definitely let you know if I failed, and also I will let you know where the recipe came from as well!)


This should be interesting! I’m hoping by the end I have a ton of new recipes and options to choose from, and please give me recipe and food advice whenever you can! It would be much appreciated! What are your favourite cookbooks? Favourite sites for recipes? What kinds of foods should I try out?


– Erin xo

Now Back To Sports:

First day back typing about nutrition and fitness…. Does anyone else get annoyed by all those fitness gurus looking like they know what they’re doing, working hard and all that? I just get annoyed, because I am so busy working with 4 jobs, and people are ALWAYS trying to give me fitness advice and tell me to make time for it and blah blah blah. The reality is, is that I barely have time to shower let alone workout everyday, and I want my own downtime of gaming or reading or whatever! So people giving me advice is sometimes annoying unless you personally know me. I get offended VERY easily about this topic. It’s a hard topic for me! I used to have a 6 pack and be in a crazy amount of sports- and I was good at them. By the time I hit university, I had quit everything and was ready to focus on school and work. I ate like crap, because I was busy and needed something fast. I didn’t work out because working out is grueling and boring to me. People get so obsessed with exercising and eating healthy and I am so glad that you are so excited about that, but realistically that is not me. The gym is boring to me. I need more competition. However, I have put on a lot of weight that is very hard for me to accept. I have disgusting stretch marks I am ashamed of and I just don’t look the same or feel as good. I have a hard time accepting that someone would be attracted to me now. Also when it comes to food, I love eating healthy food and not healthy food- but that is the thing too. I do not want to cut myself off from junk food. I want to enjoy my life, not be on some limited diet. So now that I have confessed to being bored by the gym, I think I realize now that I need to find something that will be an enjoyable way to lose weight or suck it up and go. When I was in sports, exercising was easier because I was not only already in shape, but I had something to work towards. The gym meant a better game to me. I was working towards that sports goal. Now, none of those goals seem like their enough for me, and they don’t hold me accountable.

I really did love my sports.

The first sport I ever played was soccer, AKA football for all my non- North American loves, when I was 3! I was thrilled when I started because I was a small girl playing on my older brother’s soccer team with all of his friends. I loved it. When I was 12? 14? You could start to tryout for the competitive rep leagues. The first time I tried out for soccer to see what league they would put me in, they put me in the worst league for the people who had never played soccer. I was so disappointed- I thought I was really good and I wanted to be like my brother who played rep soccer and was the best on his team! My mom saw this and messaged the league asking if they would come out and evaluate me if they had time just to see if there was anything they could do. They came out, I played my hardest and they moved me up to the top team in the league! After that I played Tier 1 soccer until I had to quit when I tore me knee doing a slide tackle. I have made lots of friends and had the privilege to travel all over for soccer. It was a fun and amazing experience for me. I used to love going to watch the women’s team Canada play and hoping I would be one of them one day! But it wasn’t in the cards for me, because I had another sports passion, and could not make a decision on what to play.

My Brother is on the far left and I may or may not be the one named Erin 🙂

When I was 3, my parents put me in figure skating. I did that until I was 9 and was SO insanely bored by it. I hated it, but my parents wouldn’t let me quit and play women’s hockey. The problem at that time was that women’s hockey in my hometown wasn’t where it’s at today. My dad wanted my skating skills to grow and not be hindered for a game. So, I sat on the sidelines hoping to play. One day when we went to the rink early for my brother’s hockey game, I saw a bunch of girls skating around on hockey skates playing what looked like hockey, but without the blade on the end of their sticks! They were passing around a blue, rubber, ring. They were all girls, so I was excited, because my dad wouldn’t let me play boys hockey. I grabbed my dad’s arm and dragged him over to watch! I think we were both amazed at the speed and the game itself! It was new and exciting! The next year, my dad put me in a training camp for ringette. I could not skate. Figure skates have a different blade and edge than hockey skates, this was so hard! It took me half a season to truly figure out the skating. I was so determined to do better, so I kept going back for more. It was so fun! It took me a while, but three years later I was able to skate, had the rules memorized, and had made a name for myself. That was when I started making the teams I wanted to make! I also had made friends with a girl who became my defence partner for the rest of my ringette career. We were the best duo, and made every team together. Coaches just knew to put us together. We had a special bond and everyone knew it! Ringette gave me a solid friend group. Whenever there were problems with friends at school, I would always have my team for backup. I loved the sport and the people. Great experience. For anyone that doesn’t know, ringette is basically hockey with a few more rules! Also, there is no blade on the end of your stick and you pass what’s called a ring! If you don’t know what hockey is, check out an NHL game- especially in Canada, and what sports is your country known for?!

Ringette Years- I’m Number 10, my defense partner was number 2! 

I did have some other school sports I played as well. During the school year, I would always get sucked into joining track, because I had soccer experience and was actually good at the long distance and pacing myself (I was not good at the short distance- AT ALL). I did win a turkey during the Thanksgiving track season, I did enjoy running at that time. Not so much anymore. People today are obsessed with marathons which is awesome, but not me. I’m just over that, I went through that phase earlier in life. I also did a season of basket ball. I am terrible at basket ball. My one friend wanted me and a bunch of our friend group to tryout together. I truly think she wanted us to see how good she was at basket ball, so she would make the team and we wouldn’t. Turns out we all made the team with her- hilarious. My best friend didn’t and was recruited as a manager which she proceeded to not do anything management wise hahah. Too funny! Anyways, I got benched a lot because I could not get a basket for the life of me! The whole year I only got one! I truly believe that the only reason I made it was because I was aggressive from ringette and not bad shape! I did have fun with my friends though. Other than that I mainly stuck to soccer in school and ringette academy.


I still love sports with a deep passion, but my playing days are over. I cannot give full commitment to a team anymore. I love watching the Oilers for NHL, Seattle Seahawks for NFL, Blue Jays if I ever watch baseball, Edmonton Eskimos for CFL, and soccer I barely watch actually! When I do, I just enjoy the sport versus cheering for a team, but if I had to pick I would pick Italy, because I lived there for a month. I will always and forever watch EVERY single sport in the Olympics that Canada is in and cheer for my country!

Edmonton Oilers won this game for those wondering!

Story telling/ rehashing day number 1! Thanks for listening to me ramble on for ever!

– Erin xo