Italian Cusine

Hey Lovely Readers!

So, today is Wednesday! Happy Hump Day! For Wednesdays we always do a “What I Ate Wednesday” which is obviously my favourite day, because I jam pack it with delicious and awesome food! Last night my “prepping” for the blog was basically eating out at a super amazing Italian restaurant so I could nip the craving in the bud. In previous posts I’ve mentioned that Kathleen and I lived in Italy for a month, so now being home, every now and then I really crave some good Italian food, which can be hard to come by. Well I found a great place, its called Buco! I’m sure most of you have heard about it because it is a chain, but if you haven’t tried it, it is amazing!

Now it’s time to make your mouth water! Before I get into it, I will say that if you are looking for vegan or need gluten free options, they’ve got you covered. Also, I did not order a drink last night, but they have a large selection of wines, desert wines, and different beers and cocktails. The whole backside of their menu is dedicated to drinks if you’re looking for that. They, also, have different nights too, such as bring your own wine, or $10 pizza, etc.

Everything I ordered I shared with a friend, so the first thing we got was a precetta bruschetta, because if you’re eating Italian, you need to start with bruschetta. This was amazing. It was just one piece of bread loaded with tomato, cilantro, garlic, topped with bacon and a little bit of cheese. We split it in half and it was sufficient for us, it was very much loaded .


Next, we ordered a Margarita pizza- which is a classic Italian pizza. In Italy, Kathleen and I ordered this pretty much everyday for a month and never grew sick of it. If you want to compare it to a place, I would say it’s a pizza directly from Rome. It was thin crust with tomato sauce and topped with basil and bits of cheese. This took me right back to my home in Italy. It was delicious.


Last, we had desert and coffee. I ordered a cappuccino and we shared a trio of gelato and sorbetto. The cappuccino was very good, and had a tiny spoon and biscuit which was insanely cute and made me feel fancy. For the gelato and sorbetto it is chef’s choice, but they do give you an option. Of course we tried all three flavours- strawberry sorbetto, vanilla and coconut gelato. It looked so tasty, that my friend took a bite of it before I even got a picture done! It was very tasty as well.

IMG_20170328_162259                                                 IMG_20170328_162519

Overall, I was super impressed. It was exactly what I wanted for Italian food, and fixed up that craving I tend to get. It was also super affordable. Pizza was $10 that day, and with everything we got, we didn’t spend over $20. In addition, we were very full after, but it was a very light meal. The restaurant is super clean, and nicely decorated inside. The food tasted great. Our server was lovely, and the owners daughter was playing and hanging out with some of waitresses, which just finished off that big Italian family feel that I loved in Italy. Definitely a 5/5 from me!


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