Feeding My Addiction

Welcome back to another What I ate Wednesday!


This morning I woke up bright and motivated at 8am. I didn’t have to work till 12 so I went for a nice morning walk and treated myself to some starbucks breakfast! I had a spinach and feta wrap and a Caramel Macchiato with Almond milk.


Lunch (snack?)

So I didn’t really have a proper lunch today. I was pretty full after my breakfast so I had a quick snack of some homemade trail mix right before work before I had to jet.


(Homemade trail mix)

While at work (I work at a bakery) I had a leftover lemon tart and two ginger cookies! Oh and I also had an iced chai with almond milk (my bakery makes their own chai concentrate and it’s super tasty).


I met up with some friends at a local Indian Buffet and oh my god it was amazing! I love Indian food so much (it is the addiction in question)! I had a little bit of everything which included; pakora, aloo tikka, matar paneer, channa masala, Veg Korma, the list continues. Oh and I also tried coconut naan bread for the first time? I had no idea this was a thing and it was good! Definitely sweeter than I thought it would be, so it was good on it’s own and I think it would have been great with some fruit!

That’s all for now!

Happy eating!



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