Rolling through the Week

Hi everyone!

Today is another What I Ate Wednesday, and I was a bad blogger and took no pictures of any of the food I ate. However, I did have a super tasty meal of vegetarian sushi for dinner tonight, so I thought I’d rave about that.

Ever have those nights were you just want to treat yourself to some me time? Well thats what I did tonight, after work I stopped at the sushi place across the street and picked myself up a bowl of miso soup, an avocado roll, and a house made vegetable roll. The miso was hot (and large), the rolls were perfectly balanced, and the Netflix was good (currently watching 13).

My avocado roll contained avocado (duh) and tempura bits, making it super creamy with the perfect amount of crunch. The vegetable roll contained cucumber, avocado, carrot, and asparagus – a vegetable I was initially hesitant about having in a roll but it turned out perfect! I also OD’d on pickled ginger and lay on my couch in a food coma for 2 hours.

Side note – as I was cleaning up the kitchen I had a standoff with a millepede and managed to trap it in the togo container that held my miso. Look kids procrastinating kitchen cleanup can save your life- tell your friends.

Thats all for now happy eating



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