Dye-ing of boredom

Hi everyone!

It’s Sunday Funday and ‘m here to talk about something that (should be) fun – hair! Every 6 months or so I have this intense craving to change up my hair, be it from brunette to red, or long to short+ ombre. If you haven’t guessed these were my past choices.

Something I’ve discovered is that I am not meant for high maintenance hair. Ever. I dyed my hair solid red in first year university and I liked it except for the moment I could see roots and then I was just irritated. However I was living off a Starbucks part-time wage and so I couldn’t afford to dye it every time I saw roots. It’s a vicious cycle you see.

Last year in December I had just finished the first semester where I had been going to school full-time, working full-time and living on my own. After that semester I basically said “Fuck it” and decided to cut off my almost waist length hair (much to my future boyfriends dismay). I decided to jump on the band wagon and try out some “rose gold” ombre hair (rose gold is in quotes because it came out light pink). I liked that hair except for when I blinked (aka washed it ONCE) and the dye was gone. After that I was just left with the bleached out ombre ends that I couldn’t find the heart to re-dye pink just to see go as quick.


(look at that beautiful hair)

I’m back to brown now and super happy. I have a haircut booked this week (the first in a year -woops) and I have the familiar itch to change up the look and go for some red ombre… Someone stop me – who am I kidding – I do this to myself.


(something of what my hair is now)

Guess I’ll just dye happy



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