Veggie Burgers and Milkshakes

Hey Guys! Happy Hump Day!

Today I wanted to talk a bit about a cheap place to eat in Banff that I tried out! I know cheap, good, and in downtown Banff? I must be lying. However, I’m really not! This place was amazing! It could be that I was so hungry after my hike that anything was going to taste good, buuutt I really think that it was good!

So here it goes! The place is called Eddie’s Burger + Bar, and its located in downtown Banff.  That day, I got the veggie burger and kettle chips, because I wanted to attempt to be healthy. I then decided last minute to get a cookies and cream milkshake- so clearly that stuck with me really well! The Veg burger was a chickpea and yam patty, and had jalapeno cheese, tomato, cucumber, roasted garlic, aioli, mixed greens, pesto, and was on a sesame seed bun. It was everything I hoped and dreamed it would be and was only $17.75 (pricey for a burger, however, in Banff that is considered a not bad price). The milkshake was obviously good, and the insane part is, is that I drank a whole glass of it, and they gave me a tin container (that it was mixed in) and I had even more. It was a never ending milkshake for $8.00.

Here’s the picture of my meal. I am soooo sorry the burger is half eaten. I started eating it and my friend was like hey don’t you need a pic for the blog and I was like noooooo crap! So my bad! It looked so good I had a few bites before the picture! My bad!



Just to finish, I would have to say that I’m pretty sure Arya Stark (Maisie Williams) also ate there when she was in Banff filming for Game of Thrones (this could be a rumor, but it’s what I’ve heard)! The site shows a picture of her eating there! She was definitely in Banff, but I’m not sure what actually for! I guess we’ll have to wait and see!

Cheers, Erin


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