Binding Books

Hey Readers!

Happy Lit Thursday! On Thursdays, we usually talk about books we’ve read and put a review with it! Today I’m kind of stepping away from that to talk about someone who does book binding!

A couple of years ago, I attended my first ever Comicon, and while I was exploring the shopping area of the expo, I came across a little table run by a sweet couple! On there table, they had a ton of classic novels that they had bound! I finally was able to have the chance to read the book, and I have to say it was very cool!

I’m not one to have a Kindle or a e-reader because I love the feel of holding a book (although I do get the perks and I may have to get one eventually), but this was an even cooler book to own, because of it was hand made by Those Great Little Books! On the site they show the different styles for binding the books, so you can choose which kind you want, and see how they make them!

The book I bought was The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. I love it because they made the book look old, and it’s filled with multiple Sherlock Holmes stories! When I was at Comicon, they had binded books, such as 20, 000 Leagues Under the Sea- which was my favorite book as a kid so I wish I would’ve also bought that one! Looking at their site now, they have books like Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland, Through the Looking Glass, Treasure Island, Dracula, Pride and Prejudice, and more! There prices range based on the size of the book you get- although, don’t quote me on that!


You can check out their site here:



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