Travelling Alone

Hello…. It’s me.

It’s so weird, because I’m literally typing up a bunch of posts, just in case I run out of time to do it on my trip! So currently, I’m still on a plane to Vancouver. You can imagine me with my IPad and Keyboard typing, gazing out the window, and listening to Elvis’ I can’t help falling in love with you. Sounds like it would make a great movie actually. Such good imagery. Anyways, based on when this post will be out, it’ll be Saturday! So happy Saturday everyone!
I wanted to talk a bit about travelling along! It can be a kind of sketchy thing, but I promise it is worth it in the end! As you know from my last eight million posts, I will be in Vancouver and am currently on a plane by myself! At first I was super nervous to be going by myself. I was listening to Anna Farris’ podcast and she had given the advice to go somewhere and learn something new about yourself and go on a road trip for just you. When I heard it, I thought that that was crazy! How can you do something like that alone! How can you be that comfortable? Honestly, I think it will be the best decision I could have made. To be honest, I won’t be very alone, because I’ll be with cousins. However, I never see these cousins, so sometimes it may be a little awkward and lonely- but worth it. I can already sense that there’s so much to learn about yourself when you’re alone! It’ll be amazing to be out of my comfort zone and to really get to know me and figure out what I want to do with my life! I’m excited! It’s all so thrilling!

I really recommend you guys do this at some point! Good luck with you’re own road trips!

– Erin


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