Flower Power

Hey Dear Readers!

Here we are! The third post in the bunch! I wanted to talk a bit about motivation, since that was what I was supposed to talk about yesterday! I usually talk about different things I do to help motivate myself to feel good, healthy, and amazing!

One of the things I did this weekend was plant some flowers! Seriously, everyone needs some plants or flowers in their life! Our weekend was super sunny and hot, so my mom and I went and bought all of our flowers for the year! We tend to make our own flower arrangements in our own planters, because it’s more fun creating different looks with different flowers.

I absolutely love the whole process of planting flowers. When you look at your old planters, they’re all gross and full of dead plants, and look horrible. You just dig those old roots out and mix around the dirt. After the whole is dug, you place your flower in and add fresh dirt. They just look amazing and clean and healthy! I love planning out what colours to put together and adding different ivy plants and various flowers! The whole process is therapeutic! This year I planted strawberry plants too, so I’m super excited to eat some of those!


My dog who is super excited to be outside in the sun!


I recommend giving it a try, it’s relaxing and fun! Also, save the bees!

– Erin


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