A Flat Tire

Hey Lovely Readers!

How is your weekend going?! I’m super excited it’s Saturday, because I had the WORST week, so I’m VERY glad for it to be over! I cracked my phone screen- my contract is up in a month, my car has a flat tire I’m supposed to go out and fix soon, a bunch of birds crapped on my car, I need to pay for an oil change and my car was recalled, I got a speeding ticket, and I’m so broke from all of this- thank god I get paid this week! I’m determined to make this week good! But even though it was such a bad week- car wise mainly- I’ve managed to laugh it off and get through it! Try not to focus too much on the bad and let it pile up, I promise that you can get through it- I know, it’s easier said than done! We all have our ways to deal with these things, as long as you figure out what’s best for you, you can get through these tough breaks! Just take a moment to breathe and take a break from it all!

So my post this lovely weekend is how to change your flat tire…. For anyone who knows nothing about cars…. like myself.

  1. Take a moment to just cry or pound the steering wheel in frustration. I did both.
  2. Call AMA or other insurance companies if you have that option and do not have a spare tire.
  3. Call your dad, boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, mom, anyone who really knows how to change the tire.

If all of these are not options, because you forgot to charge your cell- usually me- or you have a spare, here are the steps and what my dad showed me!

  1. Open your trunk and look for the Jack and the spare tire. It’ll be somewhere back there and if like me, your car is full of crap you keep forgetting to bring in the house, you will have to dig under all that stuff and lift up the bottom of the trunk.
  2. You have to jack up the car. You take the bit that can be moved up and down and put it close to the tire under the car. You then the thing with the hook and hook it into the hole of the jack, and the other thing with the circle on the end should connect to the hook bit and you should be able to crank it. Turn it until the car isn’t putting any weight on that tire. IMG_20170604_132346.jpg
  3. Next you want to take the thing with the circular end and loosen up/ take off the bolts. If you are struggling with this because they are way to tight- then step on it (near the end) and loosen it that way. I don’t know about you, but I’m not strong and that seemed to work for me! Tip: put the bolted things some place where you will not lose them! I put them on my Victoria Secret houdie in the trunk of my car while it was open!IMG_20170604_132805.jpg
  4. Take the tire off. If you look at the picture below, it shows that I have a nail in my tire which was the problem. Also, I had driven on it too much and the rim messed up my tire so badly that it couldn’t be fixed…. yay $200 later. If you’re car is hard to drive/ pulling this is how you know you have a flat. IMG_20170604_132909.jpg5. Put your new spare on. If it is too small, it means that you can only use it long enough to take you to the next gas station, or somewhere safer. IMG_20170604_132901.jpg6. Bolt that baby up again! Those things that you put in your safe place (aka my victoria secret houdie) can now come out and be put back on! Tighten them as much as possible! I don’t want any of you losing your wheels! Try stepping on the crank thing again like before to tighten even more! Do this until you feel like you can’t tighten anymore!

That’s it! You should be good to go now until the next place! My parents also bought me this thing! It’s been helpful for when my car battery dies, because it has all the stuff needed for that in there! It also has blankets, pylons, and a SAFETY VEST!!! Who wouldn’t want one of those! Anyways, my parents got this from Canadian Tire, but I feel like you can order them online from amazon or any place that sells car stuff!IMG_20170604_132057.jpg

Have a good rest of the day!



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