Part 1: A Trip to Western Canada!

Hey Lovely Readers!

Hope you’ve had an awesome Tuesday! I just finished work so blahhh. I always find when I work a 3- 11 shift that I’m wide awake until 2:00am which stinks! So right now I’m happily typing away until I just completely crash!

Alright, so what should you do if you want to travel to Western Canada? I get this question ALL the time from people from other countries. Even when I was in Vancouver people were asking me what I do in Alberta. GOOD QUESTION. Lol just kidding, there are tons of things to do here! Western Canada is actually a very fun place to travel! So, here’s my list! I’m going to split this VERY long post into three parts! So in 3 parts, I’ll do British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan (sorry Manitoba, I’ve never been there! Maybe people will recommend something for me!)

Ok, I’m going to start with British Columbia. This is BC. People love going to BC for the nature and the weather. Their winter is constant rain, and their summers are hot and beautiful!

There are some REALLY great places to go in BC. Kelowna and Penticton in Okanagan Valley have beautiful lakes and mountain views. There are amazing wine tours you can do, and lots of people golf there. It’s gorgeous.

Jumping over to Vancouver now, I’ve talked about this a bit and will talk about it more so later on, but Vancouver has some great mountain views, lakes and is on the ocean. Vancouver is amazing for having various types of foods you can find! On every main street is a strip with different foods- sushi (DEFINITELY TRY SOME, if you don’t like fish, they have some non- fish ones that are very good! There was a cream cheese one or a cucumber rolls), Indian Food, Italian- you name it. They also have a bunch of cute little coffee shops and little groceries stores with all kinds of different foods. Some site seeing: Granville Island- has some little stores on the coast, the Aquarium, Canada Place- where the Olympic Torch is, the art gallery, the UBC anthropology museum, the Capilano Suspension Bridge, and Stanley Park- it was just named the best place to see. There’s so much I’m missing! I’ve also heard that it is an experience to ride the ferry to Vancouver Island, so definitely be excited and prepared to splurge on that!

The next place up is Victoria! I haven’t been there yet, but I am possibly going before the end of the summer (Hopefully!). The TOP place to go is Butchart Gardens. This place is beautiful, and I’m so excited to go! ALL THE FLOWERS! They’re so pretty, it’ll be a beautiful walk!

Craigdarroch Castle is the next thing people really talk about seeing! It’s a Victorian Era Scottish mansion. The Victorian Harbor is a great place to go- and the best pictures are at night! Maybe a night stroll would be beautiful along the harbor! There’s the national museum, Fisherman’s Wharf for marine life, Fisgard Lighthouse, and sooo much more! If you can go whale watching, that would be very awesome too! It’s a lifelong dream for me! I just want to see some whales!! Maybe this summer? Going around that island too would make for a great trip, in my opinion! I’ve also been told that Tofino is beautiful!

OK, last place! Whistler, Panorama, Fernie…. These are just some of the VERY popular skiing and snowboarding areas! If you plan on going in winter, these are the recommended locations!


Now, I would talk about the mountains, but the rocky mountains are on the border between Alberta and BC! So, we’ll save that for the next part- Alberta! We can let you know which is in BC and which is in Alberta then!

Hope you like our BC recommendations! Come Visit Canada!



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