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Hey Lovely Readers!

Another post coming at you! One that was meant for Saturday, but instead is coming at you Monday! The main reason for this is that I needed to take pictures of my new outfits- which this post is about- and I couldn’t be bothered to get dressed at all yesterday. It was cold and rainy and gross yesterday, and when I got home after visiting my cousin, I just really wanted to get back in my sweatpants and lounge for the rest of the day. Also, Orange is the New Black is on again and I feel obligated to keep watching that show. I know, so many excuses all the time. However, good excuses at least.

So, this place is about online shopping! I love shopping- which most people would find weird because I always end up dressing in yoga pants or swears and a t- shirt (I’m lazy). That is all I really want to do. In a perfect world I would win the lottery and spend all my day shopping and travelling. I love going to the mall here and going through all the stores and coming out with large quantities of stuff I really don’t need. I love shopping for the home and wish I could redecorate my bedroom and life with all the colours of the wind. Currently, I am very lazy so online shopping is amazing. I never really go on a site where I can go to a store here for, so when I found this site I was super happy! The store is called 1861 Boutique! It’s a little store in Montreal that sells their clothing online! I have bought A TON of stuff from this store. It’s all super high quality clothing for a very good price. I brought up this store when I was talking to some friends last year, and it turns out that one of my friends from London bought her grad dress off the site. It was a very high quality dress for a very good price. She said she paid around $100 and it was a very good dress. When I bought my grad dress back in the day, it was $500 and it fell apart at grad. Super ridiculous.

Last year I bought a very pretty blue, wrap dress for $60 from there that was comfortable and I wore for wedding season. The dresses and outfit prices ranges. It’s kind of like walking into Simmons and finding a $600 shirt next to a $10 one. Such a panic. However, there is a reason for that. I saw a leather jacket for $750, however, clearly that is a real leather jacket and not just a pleather jacket you can get. If you see that, do not panic you can still find nice clothing and not pay $750 for it.

I recently bought a new black dress and a black and white romper. I had picked out black sandals to go with anything in my wardrobe, but they ran out. They emailed me right away letting me know their mistake and then gave me the option of a gift card or my money back. I chose the gift card and bought the gold version of my shoes- not disappointed at all. I love them so much! They are very comfy and look amazing!

When you get your package in the mail, it looks amazing. I live in Canada, so it came super fast to me, and it was all wrapped in lovely tissue paper and with bow on the inside of the box. They also leave notes in the boxes saying I hope you look lovely and all this nice stuff! When they mess up they write that they’re sorry and leave it in the box which I don’t need them to do even! I do not expect an apology, it happens, you sell out of things and then I buy new things instead! It’s just nice to see a store go above and beyond for the customer.



I love them, and their clothing. I recommend that if you like something from there, but it ASAP. They do sell out fast and when a style sells out, they bring in a new one instead of bringing that particular outfit back. If it’s super popular they will sometimes. Also, they sell a variety of things: shirts, shorts, pants, skirts, dresses, wedding dresses, grad dresses, accessories, shoes- you name it. They do feel more formal, so if your looking for sweatpants and a hoodie you will not find that there. However, if you’re looking for summer dresses, and everyday cute outfits- you’ll definitely find it!

Anyways, Happy Shopping!


Note: I will post pictures of the outfits later today! On instagram and on this post! I just have to convince myself to stop being so lazy!

– Erin



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