Part 3: Saskatchewan

Hey Lovely Readers!

It is our last post for Canada’s 150! I hope we gave you some good suggestions for things to do and places to visit! Canada is a really beautiful place, and I’m proud and happy to live here!

The last place I wanted to talk about is Saskatchewan. This province is a place that is very overlooked. Everyone wants to go to BC or the mountains in Alberta- for obvious reasons- but I find that no one really explores Saskatchewan unless you have family there! Saskatchewan is beautiful. It is a province made up with a ton of small towns and communities. There are a ton of farming communities. I love this. They’re all these small towns with towns of personality. When people tell me the name of their small town they’re family is from, it is most likely that my grandma knows their family if they’re in the same local community.


One of the first places I wanted to talk about was Waskesui! This is a beautiful lake with purple sand. The cabins are amazing and are not a terrible price to rent. My family would go back every summer and spend the week with the wildlife in a beautiful cabin! I  absolutely loved it and it was the most beautiful lake. There are a ton of other lakes in Saskatchewan! What is amazing when you live there is if you wanted, you can get away to a lake every weekend. A nice, clear lake too. Some other lakes I recommend are candle lake, emma lake (close to Waskesui- this one can be touristy and busy in town, but they have beautiful private beaches), green water- these are just some of them. I always see black bears and a ton of wildlife at Waskesui- I love it!


If you want to got the city, the best places to go are Saskatoon, Moose Jaw, and Regina. Saskatoon is a typical large city with malls, zoos and Kinsmen park, and all that. It’s a good place to stay if you want to stay in a nice hotel in the city and go out of town to the lakes, or hang out and do some shopping. Also, you can check out a lacrosse game- Rush. They moved from Alberta to Saskatchewan recently, are an amazingly good team and are definitely way more appreciated there. Moose Jaw is well known for the underground tunnels. The tunnels were originally used for utility purposes, but it has been rumored that Al Capone used the tunnels in his bootlegging days. Lots of stories circle around seeing him using these tunnels or in Moose Jaw. Although no physical evidence supports this, there are a ton of well known families that have lived in Moose Jaw for years that have claimed to have seen Al Capone. There’s also a lot of stories about Chinese immigrants digging and living in the tunnels. Regardless, they are a piece of Canada’s history which is awesome!  Last, is Regain. An old beautiful city in Saskatchewan. If you are in this area check out a CFL Roughriders game- you will not be disappointed. The Roughriders are the pride and joy of Saskatchewan. People come from all over Saskatchewan and dress up in crazy outfits to go to the games! It is a great time!


Well Happy Birthday Canada- 150 years! I hope you learned a little bit more about Canada these past three weeks!



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