A Day Off

Hey Lovely Readers!

I hope you guys had an awesome weekend! I know I did! Especially since I celebrated Canada’s 150th birthday! Happy Birthday Canada!

For my post today, I just wanted to talk a bit about my day off! I haven’t had a dayoff in 16 days…. I know it’s terrible! BUT now I’m feeling way better. I do want to emphasize how important it is to have your weekends off. And I mean completely off. Do not take your work home with you. Leave it there. If you feel like you need to get caught up, I usually give myself a max of 3 hours to work on work or homework, then take the rest of the day off. I normally do this, but the last couple weeks I forgot to do this and give myself time. When I do, do work or homework during this time period, I try to remove myself from my home situation. This way I can fully concentrate and either have some good food, coffee, or just sit at the library working.

Anyways, my day off was amazing. I watched Harry Potter…. again! I did some drawing. I Sorry to all my friends and family, but when my phone died, I took that as an opportunity to leave it plugged in, in my room and sat ignoring it. I had gotten so many crazy emails and texts from work that I decided that I was better without looking at it at all. I also am CRAZY breaking out right now, because I haven’t been doing my full beauty routine, SO I took this time to do a facemask and paint my nails- really relax. I just felt so refreshed and recharged! This allowed me to think deeply about a lot of things and write out my problems. I had free time to myself to feel better and so the next day I could come up with tasks to tackle the problems of the next week. This is super important to do! I cannot stress enough that your mental health is important!

For all you over- workers and school procrastinators- I do not recommend trying to do everything at once. I do this all the time! I do a two week stressful stint, and by the end I felt disgusting from using too much dry shampoo, sick because I spent my whole time worrying and stressed, tired because I hadn’t had proper sleep, and bloated because my diet suffered as well. When you are over- stressed, your body takes a toll to. Remember that. Your work, ideas, and even how you react to things are so much different and more clear when you’ve slept, and eaten properly. I also suffer from some bad anxiety, when I get over- worked, so I recommend making lists. I may make 3 different lists, but it keeps me calm and allows me to have a plan of attack. I feel better when I write it down and remember versus just having anxious and an overfilled brain full of things I need to do.

I hope this helps you! If you need too, copy my day off! Put in a good movie, do a facemask and put your feet up! You deserve it!




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