Trip Bucket List

Hey Fantastic Readers!

Nice to see you guys again! Hope you are doing swell on this beautiful Tuesday! If work is dragging on already, then I hope my post helps you today! I wanted to talk a bit about my Trip Bucket List!

Travelling is my life. I wish I could make it my job to around an experience culture, check out history and the hidden spots on the world no one knows about. My life will always be full of travelling, I never want to stop experiencing it. However, I do know that I want to have a family and kids some day, so while I’m young I’m attempting to cram in some of these really long trips I would never get to with kids. I will still travel with my future kids, however, I feel like money wise it’s impractical to go for as long as I normally go for. Anyways,  this means that I have to sacrifice some parts of my life to be able to do this. I mean that I can’t move out. There’s no funds there for that like everyone else has. My money goes directly to travelling. I work 4 jobs to be able to afford a lifestyle of travelling. I’m not saying you do too, however, by doing this I’ve been able to pay off jobs super fast and not have them sitting on my credit cards. Obviously the other option is to go to school for a higher paying job, but I can’t use my degree here really and I’m not interested in those jobs. And last, you have to find a flexible job that will allow you to do this. All of my jobs are jobs that are temporary or that I can leave for a month and still have one when I come back. Anyways, I sacrifice a lot to be able to travel and to me it’s worth it.

SO, that being said, here is my travel bucket list! I’m going to stick with my top ten!

  1. Europe- I know, seems weird I haven’t done this yet right? Well I did not take a year off of school like most people did. I went straight to school and missed out on some of the travelling there (although school did allow me to work in Italy for a year- not terrible by any means!). I do have a Europe trip coming up next May though! We’re hitting all the target places I wanted to! Amsterdam- Netherlands; Germany (Dusseldorf- archaeological reasons…. were going to see Neanderthals, Berlin, Munich); Salzburg Austria- Sound of Music reasons; Zurich Switzerland; Milan Italy (remember how I missed this place- now I’m going!!); Nice, Lyon, Paris France; and London England to finish! Lots of stuff on the list to cross off on my check list.
  2. When I go back to Europe someday, I would love to go to start in Croatia; up and over to Venice Italy, then through to Austria; go through Czech, and end in Poland
  3. I NEED to go to Spain and I would like to hit Portugal while I am there as well!
  4. Britain, Scotland, and Ireland- I would still love to live in Britain, and while living there I would hit these beautiful target areas
  5. And to finish off my Europe area, I would go through Iceland (super cheap flights!) and go through Norway, finland, and sweden!
  6. My Next huge trip like my first would be to do an Asian tours! I would start in Vietnam, and hit places like Cambodia, Nepal, Thailand, go to India, through to China, and end in Japan (most of these places would be best with a travel group, so hopefully at the end I would be able to leave and go to Japan!).
  7. Australia and New Zealand- Hobbits and beautiful beaches!
  8. Egypt for the pyramids
  9. South America- I have never really thought about going there, however, since the Olympics in Rio I think going to Brazil, Argentina, and Chile would be amazing!!
  10. Last trip…. I would go back to Greece and check out some more islands. I would also like to go back to Italy and go through Tuscany and visit Pompeii again, see the leaning tower of pisa, cinque terre, and all that fun stuff. When I come back to it, Italy will forever be my second home and I feel like I can’t stay away for too long

So ya! This is my travel bucket list! I still haven’t talked about places in the US or across Canada, or Caribbean islands. These to me are smaller trips I can do in a week! I would still love to do them though! Again this is just my top ten list!

Let me know what places you want to go to, are going to, or have been!



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