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One of the newest posts I’m starting is called “Record of the Month.” It’s just exactly what you think it is! Every month I want to feature a new record that I’ve been listening to lately. PLEASE leave me comments and recommendations! I would love to hear about ANY new albums. It does not matter what it is! I love all genres of music, so don’t worry about suggesting something I won’t like! Whether it’s rock, country, folk, pop, rap, classical, whatever else! I will listen! Music is an amazing form of expression, and I love listening to whoever, especially if I have a back story about the album, or the artist. It makes me appreciate them so much more!

I love records. The best Christmas gift I ever received was my record player. I actually don’t even remember asking for one- I think I casually brought it up one day without thinking too much on it! So, my parents went out and bought me one. I was SO shocked! SO thrilled! They bought me Steve Miller Bands greatest hits (one of my favourite bands) and I’ve been collecting ever since! My records range- one year I bought Adele, another Alice Cooper’s Schools Out, Buddy Holly, Guns and Roses, Pink Floyd! The list goes on!

My love for music and records is shared by my Uncle/ Godfather. We’ve always had a very different relationship and we are pretty close! I go to all of his band gigs and we trade records whenever I get the chance to see him! This last time I got SGT Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band, Styx, and he loaned me Led Zeppelins concert video. So, it’s safe to say that my rock history lessons still continue and I’m grateful for them!

Anyways, my first record this month is different from most of the ones I’ve been talking about. The Record of the Month goes to one I have been listening to all month long! You know when you listen to a song and you like it, but then one day you’re just in the right mood and listening to that song and something just clicks and you are like THIS IS AN AMAZING SONG! This is me with Prince’s 1999 album!IMG_3521

I bought 1999 from Sunrise Records in West Edmonton Mall. I was at the store for Lady Gaga’s Joanne record, and I stumbled across their “used” records section in some random part of the store. I kind of just grabbed it without thinking. I saw Little Red Corvette and was like I’m down. When I got home, I listened the shit out of Lady Gaga’s, so I finally decided to listen to it after having it a week. When I did, I was like ok why haven’t I listened to this sooner!! It is soo fun to listen to!

My two favorites on there are Little Red Corvette and 1999. I love the rest, but there’s just something special about 1999 that just wants me to get up and dance! I always think, imagine the New Years parties in the year 1999- it makes me think of them. I mean I was like 6 in 1999 so I never got the partying aspect then obviously, but imagine celebrating the year 2000 when you’re of age! Amazing.

The record came out in October 1982- when Prince was 24. What’s cool about it, is its more of a pop/ funk feel from his usual rock albums. The album is just fun and upbeat and from what I’ve read is Prince’s breakthrough album. What I love about Prince, is his entire band, and all the parts they play in these songs. In 1999, there’s like three different singers along with Prince’s voice throughout the whole song. Also, watch the music video, it’s just so ‘80s great. The whole band does a whole dance sequence while playing instruments! I LOVE IT!

I recommend this album! It’s such a fun album to listen to before going out! I always find myself dancing to it- thank god my record player is in my room! Prince- We miss you, I wish I could’ve seen you perform live. Rest Easy.

Here’s the list of songs on the album:


Feel free to leave comments and suggestions!



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