New Years Resolutions

Hey Everyone!

Hope you all had a great New Years celebration and week! I didn’t do too much, because it was – 40 degrees Celsius, so it’s safe to say it was way too cold to do anything, but hang out at home. All of our community activities were cancelled. Boo you weather!IMG_1901

So, I wanted to talk about some of my New Years Resolutions. It’s always good to have goals to work towards. I’ve never really committed to any before, so I’m excited to actually try to have some and hopefully commit to them!


Here’s my list:

  1. I’d like to get back in shape! Basically, just eat better and make time for exercise!
  2. Get my sleeping schedule back under control! So on average, try to get 8-9 hours of sleep. I am ashamed to say that I get 5 hours, and then get so tired I sleep like 11 (that’s an exaggeration, but not that far off!)
  3. Drink more water! AND Eat 3 meals a day (I eat 1 good meal a day- I have terrible lifestyle habits apparently)
  4. Cut back on my spending- I need to save more and want to increase money going into my savings account, instead of spending an unnecessary amount of money on myself!
  5. Quit a bad habit- Chewing my nails and hangnails!
  6. Schedule actual days off for myself so I’m not overworking myself to death! I work everyday and sometimes 3 times a day
  7. Stretch more and rehab my knee. When I was playing soccer, I tore my ACL in my knee and it’s never been the same. I’m noticing I stand funny, because my knee was never rehabbed properly.
  8. Organize all my pictures into photo albums- this is an overwhelming job.
  9. Finish my stack of books I bought- and stop borrowing from the library so I can do this lol
  10. Learn to cook, start a recipe book
  11. Explore my city more
  12. Apply for school
  13. Do 5 things that terrify me
  14. Put myself out into the world more
  15. Travel to Europe.IMG_1960

I know, there’s a lot, and you’re probably like Erin what the hell, you’ll never do this, but I will try! Some of them are easy and others are harder! If they don’t get done this year, some will be passed on to next year, no worries! I will keep you up to date on things are going and what not! I have to say, I have an AWESOME feeling about this year- have you guys ever had that feeling before? Usually I’m indifferent, but this year feels great!


What are your goals this year?!



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