The Snowman

The Snowman

Hey Everyone!

I recently finished my book and thought I would do do a review on it! This book is by a Norwegian writer named Jo Nesbo! His books tend to be on the creepy side, and I’ve loved reading his books in the past! The Snowman was just as creepy.


I want to make one thing very clear- it’s not about a killer snowman! Everyone has been asking me this and I honestly picked it up thinking the same, but no there is no murdering snowman. Instead, there is a more realistic story.

The main character, Harry Hole (I’m so immature, I laughed for so long) is a detective who is in charge of the case of a missing woman. The only thing left is her scarf wrapped around a snowman outside one of the windows at her home. The case takes some twists and turns that makes it difficult to predict the ending. I won’t say anymore, because it might give away the ending!

I have something just to note here before concluding! This is the seventh book of the series. I picked it up, read it, and entered it into Goodreads! When I did this, it came up as the seventh book for this detective! I had no idea! Now looking back there is a few things that makes you realize it’s a sequel, but if you don’t want to read the first six that’s fine. You really don’t have to! He does a summary of the important things that catches you u tp speed! I would say that the end of this books gives hints for the next book which is really no big deal- maybe you’ll be sucked into reading the rest!

I actually really enjoyed this book! I only wanted to read it because of the Snowman concept, but it was one of the better mystery books I’ve read recently! Like I said, the story was hard to predict, I liked the main character, it was very gory at parts which made it intense! It also freaked me out because it snowed insanely in Canada during the creepy parts and I was like I’m going to die if I see a snowman outside my window!

I gave this story 4 stars on Goodreads: ⭐️⭐️⭐️🌟

And now I’m onto the next book: Strange Weather written by Joe Hill!



Hey Guys!

I just wanted to say a quick thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday today! 🎂

I’m officially 25 today! Yikes, I’m halfway to 50! Scary thought, and a good reminder that life is short! That being said, I did have some anxiety today thinking that! It’s like you blink and it’s already 2018 and you’re 25! It’s a crazy feeling that’s for sure.


Today, I was feeling anxious because I’m 25 and feel very behind from where a lot of people my age are at! It seems like everyone my age is in a serious relationship/ engaged/ married with their futures already planned out, and that is just not where I’m at! But, now that I’ve had time to think about it, I realize I’ve been anxious for no reason. There is no age where it says you have to be at a certain place, and you definitely cannot compare yourself to others. Everyone’s different and you don’t know their whole story. You’re only seeing the parts of their lives that make you feel bad or anxious. You are putting pressure on yourself because maybe that’s the part of your life where you aren’t confident in.


For me, I had to self reflect and take a step back and recognize how far I’ve come, where I’m at and what I want. Remind yourself of the positives in your life and if you need to, recite it as obsessively as Aria with her kill list in Game of Thrones- two very different lists mind you. Today, I think back to my degree and the work I put in to get it. I think about the places I’ve travelled to, and different goals I’ve achieved when I thought that I never would! I also think about the failures, but not as negatively now. I realize that my failed relationships, didn’t work out for a reason and they helped to teach me what kind of a person I’m looking for. With each failure, I’ve grown and learned a valuable lesson that have impacted and shaped my opinions and views about my life! Today, I thought about my life and where I’m currently at. I may dislike my job and my current relationship situation- but I’m healthy, happy, and ready to set some future goals! At 25, I can say I know what I want and this is the year of me putting myself out there and taking action!


Everyone is different. Some people knew way before me what they wanted, and some are like me- just awakening. I should not feel bad for it, and I don’t now. I stayed single to figure out who I am and where I want to go without the influence of someone else. At least now I know if I meet a guy, I will have the same goals and won’t change myself to appease a guy (I find, I change myself for a guy to make it work). It was just something I needed to do. It’s why I also took a year off to work, so I could figure out my next path.


So, I could panic about my age and getting older, but instead I think it’s more important to celebrate my life right now, and I’m excited for my future! I’ve done so much and come so far, and at the end of the day, age doesn’t matter unless you’re 17 ( in Alberta), 18, or 21 and cannot wait to come of age to go to the bar


3 Days in Florence

Hey Guys!

Hope you are doing well! I have a great travel post to take your mind off work and any bad weather!

A couple of years ago, Kathleen and I went on a trip to Italy to pursue our archaeological dreams! We worked in Pompeii, Italy during the week, but weekends were for us to explore! Our second weekend there, we decided on Florence! Best decision ever. Like I said, we would work Monday thru Friday so a lot of our travelling had to wait until after a work day! SO, really we just had an evening, Saturday, and Sunday to do all of our sight seeing! I know it’s a really short time, but try not to overbook your trip with too many museums! You probably want to see a lot, but you can always go back. It’s ok, just remember it’s your trip and take some time to relax!

I know this is hard to do, so try thinking of it as this: there are two kinds of places you visit. Some cities are experience cities, and some are heavy sightseeing places. The experience places are very much like visiting Florence. It’s walking around, looking at a couple sights, but more so just experiencing the city and the people in the city! It’s going for wine and doing some fine dining, walking around the city looking at beautiful artworks, etc. Other cities are like Rome (which I will talk about in another post)! It’s more sightseeing and touring around! These kinds of places you load up with tours and museums. Remember two things when you visit these places: don’t overbook like I said before, and really research museums as well! Only go to museums you want to visit- don’t go because you have to go or everyone else is. I promise you will have a much better time. Definitely do your research!

Anyways, back to Florence! This is how our weekend went!

Evening #1:

We didn’t have time to go and see anything, because it was so late, so we went for a night walk instead and checked into our Air bnb. Our place was so adorable. It was like real city living in a big city, where we had to walk up six flights of stairs and everything in an apartment is tiny? I LOVED it! You could look out the window into a small courtyard or see your neighbors in the apartments across from you. I recommend going for a walk around. We went to a chip place and ate (seriously go to the chip restaurants- aka fries with very good dips). We walked by some pretty great places- such as the duomo, saw some modern artwork, and learned a valuable lesson: in Italy everything closes around 10:00! Yes they eat supper late, but that’s it! No friday night parties, etc! They days they stay out late are Sundays- so weird right?

Florence is full of art- from ancient Roman art to modern! If you walk around, you’ll see lots of beautiful modern graffiti! It’s so amazing to see how art has changed from ancient to modern times!The blocks are very cool too. They’re so narrow and lovely ranging from old to new!

Day #2:

We woke up and went for a morning walk to eat our way through gelato- I had chocolate with chili flakes! I was in heaven! It was cold, hot, like eating cinnamon gum or something! It wasn’t overfly spicy and the chocolate was amazing!

Anyways, we met up with some of our roommates on the Ponte Vecchio bridge! It’s a famous, medieval bridge with tons of shops built on it! Most of them are jewelry stores, and there’s tons of like gelato places and little tourist shops around the area. So hang out! Do some shopping and please drinks all the wine and eat all the pizza!

The only other site we did that day, was walk through the Uffizi Gallery! This is a massive art museum- I’m not joking, it’s huge. Expect to take a least half a day to walk through it. So there’s two things I recommend- buy tickets in advance if you can, and bring proof that you’re a student if you are one. So for the tickets, it’s better to buy them in advance because you will be standing in a long line if not. It doesn’t have to be crazy in advance, you could do it before you leave or you could do it the day before in your hotel. But it reserves your spot for you. Also, if you are an archaeologist or an architect, you get a discount to any museum in Italy, so BRING PROOF. If you’re a student you get a discount- so again bring proof! You can get international student ids from here: . If you don’t live in Canada, no sweat, I think you can just look up international student card and it will come up for your country. My British friends- I’m so sorry about Brexit, but you can do the same and get a discount! So these two things could help you out to reserve a spot and get a discount! Do this for ANY country! There are some sights you HAVE to book in advance, like the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam.

The Uffizi Gallery is awesome, but a ton of art work. They have a few major pieces that you might recognize such as, The Birth of Venus, Botticelli. This is their most famous piece and it is very cool to see! The other Botticelli artwork I actually love way more than The Birth of Venus, but still very cool to say that I’ve seen that! Another piece, called Madonna with a long neck by Parmigianino- you will be able to say you have seen hundreds of Madonna and child artwork and Saint Peter the Baptist. It is cool to see how the style has changed over time! There’s also artwork like Judith Beheading Holoferines by Artemisia Gentileschi ( I remember thinking this was gruesome when I saw it- I wasn’t expecting that!), and Annunciation with Saint margaret and Saint Ansanus by Simone Martini and Lippo Memmi- this was taken out of a chapel. Very cool.

If you’re finding you’re not really into artwork that much, but still want to see something but be there for less time, than go to the Accademia Gallery. This is where the statue of David is! I did not go so I have less information about this museum! My roommates and I split up at this point, some of us went to a different museum and the rest wanted to see artwork! The Bargello is where more of Michelangelo’s artwork is kept. If you are like me and want to spend the last day elsewhere, and still want to see some artwork, don’t fret! The fake statue of David is beside the Uffizi Gallery and in front of Palazzo Vecchio. I can now say I went all the way to Florence to see Fake David.

The rest of this evening was spent walking around, eating amazing food, and drinking tons of wine. Seriously amazing! There are tons of cool little shops you can go through and then some brand name, and expensive stores. I found a guy outside the cathedral who was painting with watercolors and bought a mini painting of the cathedral. It was beautiful and I lost it! This was my biggest heartbreak, I believe.

When you’re walking around, everything is close together, so you should see all the big sites! I think one other thing to note is the Florence Cathedral from the 1200s. It’s a medieval building that is basically in the center of Florence. Connected is a bapistery and further down and inside the Santa Croce is Michelangelo and Galileo’s tombs which I will be going back to, to see! Seriously. RESEARCH. I missed this little bit of info when I was deciding what to do and so regret not seeing the tombs while i was there! Oh well, looks like I’ll be heading back! There’s also some crazy fountains to see- like the Fountain of Neptune (Poseidon for the Greeks) and there is also a really cool library by the duomo! Also they have a Lindor chocolate store around the duomo (sorry, duomo is Italian for church if you’re like what the heck is she talking about) so walk around and find it and eat/ buy ALL the chocolate! No regrets!

Day #3: The Last Day

Like I said earlier, we separated from our friends, because I didn’t want to see more artwork. I would have, but on our walk by the river, we saw the Galileo museum and IT WAS A MUST SEE! This museum is cheap to go see and well setup. It’s not really busy because I feel like people overlook it to go see artwork. I don’t think I would have known about it if we hadn’t walked by it! It has all of Galileo’s works and inventions. There’s some other inventions by other scientists, but it’s heavily Galileo! Once again, it’s so cool to see how science has changed throughout time too! Here I thought I was in a heavy art area, but there was also a little touch of science to explore as well! The museum has different areas of science, because sometimes scientists didn’t stick to one area like they do now! There is a ton of space research, some biology. Galielo researched about speed, velocity and could be considered an engineer for some of his different designs and tests, as well as a physicist, and philosopher! If you go there, you can see his fingers in a glass jar and some teeth.

I think after this, we just went for some Eggs Florentine (one girl had wanted to come to Florence to eat eggs Florentine, which is not a thing and is actually hard to find where they make this- who knew?!), and we took the train back home!

So I hope this helps you decide what to see and how to spend your time when you travel! Travelling is something I’m very passionate about, so share your experiences with me and give me some suggestions on what I should see!


Women & Power- Mary Beard

Hey Everyone!

I recently just finished a new book! It’s called Women and Power by Mary Beard! Mary Beard is a well respected classics professor and is the author of SPQR. I hate to admit this, but I bought SPQR and have not even started it yet! My brother borrowed it from me and also hasn’t read it yet- whoops! I keep buying books and not reading them because I take out so many library books and have to finish those before I have to take them back! It’s a vicious cycle of having too many books!

Anyways, this is the first Mary Beard book I have read, and it was a very good read! If you want to learn about women’s rights, especially now after the women’s march and times up, this is a great book to read! It’s very short, only like 100 pages and talks about the mistreatment of women from ancient times to current. She talks about the misogynists and the attacks against women throughout time. It’s a short, modern, feminist book that will leave you wanting to underline everything she says. So much of it is so true, you just want to express it to everyone! I kept putting the book down and telling my mom about all these different parts that I could relate to or that made me shiver because it just made sense!

I do believe that this book is important to read. It’s important to learn and understand so we can make our society a more peaceful, and equal one. Always read! Keep Learning! Adjust your perspective, and try to understand other’s views without shutting them down! When you do this, you can compare the arguments and make yours stronger, or you may learn something new you hadn’t even considered! It’ll make you more open minded and more understanding. I learned a lot with this book, but I still have further to go, so this will not be the last feminist book I read.

I rated it 5 stars on goodreads!

My next book is drastically different and is called The Snowman! I’ll let you know my ratings next time! 🙂


Rainbow Hair Care

Hey Everyone!

So, as some of you may know- if you follow our instagram, which is @avenue23blog– I changed my hair a little drastically! I went from a silver, blonde to a rainbow ombre! The top of my head is still blonde, because lets be real, I love blonde too much to just get rid of! Then it fades into nice rainbow colours!IMG_2364IMG_2369

Today, I wanted to talk a bit of how I take care of my hair! As some of you may know already, the bright, fun, colours tend to fade super fast. So my hair care routine is an attempt to keep the colour in as long as possible!


My hairdresser/ best friend Melanie (her handle on instagram is @watermelonyhair, her page is SO fun to look at! Give it a look through!), told me after my hair was done to ONLY wash my hair in cold water and to wait 72 hours after my hair being dyed to wash it. So there’s a couple rules from a professional to maintain your new, beautiful hair!


To take this a little further, I have a couple more recommendations to help out!

First, before I go to bed- every second night- I put a hair mask in the ends of my hair! Currently, I use Kevin Murray, recommended to me by Melanie! I comb it through and braid it!

The next morning, I leave my hair in a braid and shampoo the top of my head, then I put conditioner through (this can all be done under a tap, if it’s easier). Then finally, under the tap and in very cold water, I wash the conditioner out of my hair with the braid still in. There’s about three different shampoos and conditioners I tend to rotate between! One is the Moroccan Oil shampoo and conditioner– smells AMAZING! Kevin Murphy is another I used- specifically the Blonde Angel Wash for my blonde hair. Last one I use is the Kardashian brand shampoo and conditioner. This one is a little more affordable- you get way more for what you’re paying!

I will say that I pay a little more for my shampoo and conditioner because I pay so much for my hair! A store bought shampoo and conditioner will strip the colour out of your hair. Also, with a good brand, I find that I don’t have to use so much! My hair is hydrated and healthy after too! I bleach my hair a lot to get the colours I want, so it’s important for me to use a product that is more hydrating. If you didn’t want to spend as much on both, then I recommend splurging on your conditioner at least!


I take the braid out finally, and brush it (my hair needs to be dried before a good combing! It knots super easily!). For a detangler, I buy Lush’s Sunny Day. I always get compliments on my hair smelling amazing- it’s a combination of honey and lemon juice! What I love about it, is that it’s also an anti- static hair spray for my constantly dry, and staticy hair!  Also, just a side note- I have pretty fine hair, and I find it

So, that’s basically my routine! I blow dry my hair and comb it out instead of brushing so it’s less knotted up! I hope this helps you! Let me know about your hair care in the comments below!




January Record of the Month

Hey Everyone!

It’s that time of the month again! The time where I talk about a record I love and want to recommend! So for those who don’t know, I do a spotlight on a record once a month. I love all genres of music and am willing to review anything- so let me know in the comments or send us a message!

Today, I’m going back to my roots with some good, old, classic rock! I’ve chosen Steve Miller Bands greatest hits, because it was one of my first records, and probably the most listened to album I own! Every song on that album, I’ve been singing for years with my parents! Also, I will say that buying tickets to their concert could have influenced my choice this month… ;).


If you’re looking for a good rock album, you will LOVE this, especially if you want a refresher of their music. My favourite song on the album is Rock’ N’ Me or Jet Airliner. The song most people will probably recognize the mos is The Joker ” Some people call me the space cowboy….”

Anyways, my record copy is from London Drugs- I know weird right? They were randomly selling some classic albums all remastered! You can check out any local record store or even larger companies like Sunrise Records will have a copy too!


For the next month, name a year and I’ll feature a hit album from that year!



Hello Everyone!

Today we have a very special post, brought to you by BarkBox. BarkBox kindly sent over a sample box for Erin and I (more like Maggie and Jake) to review!

If you are unfamiliar with Bark Box, it is a monthly subscription service built for your dog’s enjoyment! Monthly subscriptions start at $20 and each box is valued at over $40! Each month has different a “theme” (some examples include; Chewrassic Bark, The Good, The Bad, and the Pugly, and New York City). Also, it has free shipping! YAY!!

When you sign up for BarkBox, you can choose the size of your dog! I love this feature, because sometimes the small toys are way too small for my larger dog, and I worry about him swallowing them. Vice versa for the small pups. Sometimes the toys are too large and she can’t even get her mouth around them! So, being able to select a size option for your dog is perfect!

But enough background lets get into the review!

Our box contained two toys and three different types of treats. Maggie and Jake were excited from the beginning and couldn’t wait to dig in and give their paw of approval.


Pug-kin Spice Latte:

This toy was a hit with both Maggie and Jake, Jake went right for the whip cream. This toy contains a squeaker and got their attention immediately. Also, it was adorable! Now, they have the same addiction too pumpkin spice lattes that we have!


Basket of Apples:

Erin knew this toy would be a hit with both Maggie and Jake because they love toys that you can take apart. The “basket” of this toy crinkles, and contains two adorable apples (that squeak, obviously). The pup in question has to dig into the basket to get the apples out. The apples also have little faces on them and it’s FREAKING adorable! IMG_3640

Treats: (worth noting, they are all natural products that are reviewed by BarkBox before sending out!)

Dried Lamb ears:

Maggie and Jake normally eat dried Pig Ears, so they were stoked to have something different. Definitely the messiest treat of the bunch (as well as the smelliest), it wasn’t our favourite item of the box. However the puppies loved them and ate them in minutes! Also, BarkBox has AMAZING customer service! If you message them in the little chat box at the top, they will message you back instantly! If your dog has an allergy or doesn’t like a certain product, they will switch out the product with something else, or send you a new product for free!IMG_3647

Bonfire Bites :

These were the first treats Maggie and Jake had, they liked them, but there were other treats they liked better. The dog treats were long and chewy which was awesome for my larger dog, so he didn’t gobble them up in an instant! He had to take his time and enjoy it.IMG_3637

Duck Cranberry Pies:

Out of the box these treats were the STAR. Both pups loved the flavor of these treats. In fact they were the second item we opened, and it was hard to keep their attention off these treats throughout the rest of the unboxing. They were so cute! They’re just little pies, and if we would have let them, the pups would have demolished them instantly!IMG_3644

BarkBox also comes with a recipe! You can try to make some healthy treats for your dogs if you’re interested! In future posts, we’ll attempt to make the recipe we were given!

Overall Review: BarkBox is a great idea for new dog owners, or dogs who needs some new and exciting toys and treats. They’re full of 3 toys and 3 treats that are sent to you every month. This may seem like a lot, however, it’s really not! I have 2 puppies, so this allows me to be able to have enough things for both dogs! For one, my dogs destroy toys very fast, *cough* Jake! This box allows me to get them more toys and try out some new ones that I think will hold up better than others! I love that they have “thinker” toys that allow my dogs to do more than just destroy them! They’re still trying to figure out how to take apart the apples in the basket! Also, for treats, the box is great for trying out some new, natural products! I find I use them up fast, because my dogs always get a treat whenever I leave the house! I always feel too guilty! In addition, one of the treats will always be a chewable treat! These are awesome for when it’s -40 out and the dogs can’t go outside for very long. Sometimes, they get very bored, so this keeps them distracted and also gives them something else to do.

Another fun thing about BarkBox is that you can send them as gifts!! Um yup!! Look out friends, you are all getting gifts for your dogs now! This would be great for someone who recently became a dog owner and you wanted to get something for their new puppy! Also, I know my friends would love to get something for their dogs instead of me getting something for them. Dog owners, am I right?!

Last thing we wanted to mention before closing here! If you feel like getting monthly boxes is just not doable at the present time, or you LOVE a specific product and want more, you can shop for each thing individually at BarkShop! This is awesome, because you can shop for your dog and know that each item is healthy and recommended by dog lovers! I saw a dog walking bundle on their, I definitely want! Also, the themes and toys are adorable! Getting a box with a theme is so much fun!

Thanks you Bark Box for the opportunity to review your box! Make sure to check them out at  or at

Kathleen and Erin (and Maggie and Jake) xo

Christmas Concert and Everyday Makeup

Hey Guys!

So part two of the post from yesterday is about the second Christmas event my mom, sister, and I go to! It is the Singing Christmas tree and it’s everything you want in carolling. It’s a touch of cheesy, but also very fun to go to. They have some amazing singers! Also, a lot of the money goes towards different local charities in Edmonton, so buying a ticket is for a good cause! They have dancers, an orchestra, and a giant Christmas tree with people standing inside singing some of your favourite Christmas songs. Every year, they usually have some semi famous singer come out and perform! One year was Brett Kissel, another year was this French singer whose name I can’t remember but who was extremely hot and very talented. He sang Oh Holy night and I sobbed- did I mention he’s also a babe?

Anyways, I wish I had been more on the ball this year, so I will just have to remind you next year to go! It only runs from Dec. 14 – 17, and is at the Jubilee. Don’t worry! I’ll remind you next year if you didn’t get the chance to go! But go to a Christmas Carol if you have time!

Alright, so my makeup was less dramatic. Basically, I had a ton of things to do all day, so my I did my makeup super early and did a touch up before I left. However, I wanted it to be an everyday kind of makeup and then a dramatic lip I could add on later! So that is what I did!

As for my last post, I used basically the same products, so I’ll just list those off:

Primer- Fenty Beauty’s Pro FILT’R Instant Retouch Primer

Foundation- PRO FILT’R soft matte longwear foundation #140

Eyebrows- ka- Brow! Eyebrow cream gel color #2 Light

Concealer- Fenty Match Stix Ivory

Eyeshadow Primer- Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion

Bronzer- Naked Flushed streak

Highlighter- I switched this up to Benefit! Girl Meets Pearl– Amazing liquid highlighter. It’s very bright and you don’t need a lot of it, so the product lasts for a very long time.

Eyeliner- Kat Von D Tattoo Liner

Mascara- Too Faced Better than Sex

Eyeshadow- Urban Decay Naked3; Stila Highlighter

Lips- Smashbox Lip

– Erin xo


Hey Everyone!

After a long, busy, couple of weeks, I was looking up some vegan friendly bath supplies to throw into the mix and came across Herbivore on Pinterest!

Herbivore is a cute site that has some very good products. They also have a blog section with some very good reads!

One thing I found, is that some products are a little more pricey. However, I live in Canada so the shipping is probably the biggest thing. For my lovely American friends, they’re an American company so it will be easier and probably cheaper for you guys! Regardless, the products are worth the price! Honestly though, it’s probably the same amount I would spend at Lush.

I bought 2 items: a coconut milk bath (Which I’m surprised didn’t get flagged over the border as it was white powder in a jar 😉 ) and Detox Eucalyptus and bath clay salts. Eucalyptus is used for a number of ailments and I was sick before Christmas, that I need ALL the Eucalyptus! As for the coconut milk bath, it is amazing for your skin!

Both of the products smell AMAZING, especially if you mix them together. I found that you don’t need to use much of the product to get the benefits. It kind of depends on you! If you want a bath with a strong aroma, use more. The coconut milk bath you will have to use a lot to get a nice aroma, but the salts were fine!


I seriously loved both products, I will be buying them again and trying more out in the future! Just as a quick note, the products are vegan and the jars are reusable if your New Years Resolution is to use more vegan products and be eco friendly 🙂 !

Are there any products you like you want me to know about?! Let me know in the comments! I LOVE recommendations!


Boxing Day Shopping Spree

Hey Guys!

So I never really got the chance to talk about my boxing day purchases! I splurged and got some really cool things!IMG_3610

  1. Of course, I made a Sephora trip! I got this Rose Gold Elixir from Farsali – beauty oil. My skin has been fairly dry from our winter, so I bought some oil for my face to use with a primer before I start putting makeup on. Oh my lord it is beautiful! It smells amazing and if you look in the oil has gold flakes. I also find I don’t use that much so if you want it, start with the smaller bottle! And don’t use too much if you have an oily T- zone!
  2. Another Sephora Purchase was my foot mask. Basically it’s lotion in a slipper that can be tied around your ankle. It made my skin feel super soft- like just had a pedicure kind of soft! It was very cheap, and you can also get a hand mask as well ( I know all you fellow, freezing Canadians- and anyone else suffering- have dry, cracked skin from the – 40 weather lately and need this!). These are so easy to make too. You just use a glove or a freezer bag and fill it with lotion. If you are like me, you have excessive amounts of lotion you don’t know what to do with, so you can use it on this!Capture
  3. Lush, of course, Lipscrub. I ordered this online for some reason, but when it shipped to me, it froze instantly outside because it was so cold out! It was rock solid and should’ve known to not ship it in this cold weather! Apparently, you can eat this one- Sugar Plum Fairy Lip Scrub – and it does actually taste good! However, I don’t like the idea of eating dead lip skin, sooooo I just wipe it off (Sorry for that image!). It does smell delicious!
  4. For Black Friday- ok so actually way before Christmas- Urban Outfitters had a sale online of all their graphic tees for 30%, so most were under $20! I didn’t get the Friends shirt I had wanted, but I did get a very cool Winona Ryder in Beetlejuice t-shirt for under $20, and a Friends hoodie for around $30! Not bad! I love them!IMG_3613
  5. Last actual stop to an actual store was to Homesense (Click for some home inspiration ideas)! My favorite place! I have been looking to update my bedroom furniture before I move out eventually, so I bought a new chair for my room! It’s beautiful! It did cost me around $499 because Homesense is pricey and I had to buy it ASAP before it sold out! Homesense only buys a couple of each item, so you have to get it when you see it. Anyways, it’s so pretty and comfy- I’m sitting in it right now typing. It’s my motivation to type lol. I was like if I work on blog posts right now while I’m home, I can sit in my chair. My last chair I could never sit on. It was one of those round chairs and had a metal bar where your legs are, so it was not comfy at all!IMG_3616IMG_3618

I think these were all my purchases for now! Did you do any shopping? Let me know!Signature