1st RND

Hey my lovely Readers!

I hope things are going swell this week! We are almost at the weekend! Super exciting stuff. I really have not gone to anywhere out of the ordinary to eat lately, however, I did try a place that is new to me! I went to 1st RND- which is a sports restaurant!

My friend wanted to try it out, which is why I went. It seems to me that every time I am at the mall, I walk by this place and never go inside! I’m always super intrigued by the MASSIVE tv (which I believe is 9 screens large). So, this time my friend decided to drag me in, because she wanted to watch the basket ball finals! I do not watch basketball, but I feel like I was jumping that band wagon for Golden State! Yay Golden State (do I know any other teams…. the answer is not really). I’ve never really sat down and watched a basketball game, so it was great to watch and cheer for one of the teams I did not know on this massive TV.

Anyways, back to the food. I started off with a non-alcoholic drink, because I was the driver. Please drink responsibly everyone! I love you all I would hate for something to happen to any of you! If you are drinking, they do have around 75 different beer brands…. Um wow. For you drivers, I got the Arnold Palmer- I believe that that is the Lemonade and Iced Tea drink. It was very refreshing and a good non- alcoholic drink! They also have nonalcoholic beers if you are wanting to fit in more and not say ” I want Arnold Palmer please!” I just googled him, apparently he is a famous golfer- I really thought I knew my sports!

For food, they have a crazy amount of wings. Boneless and Boned- is that even a thing people say?-  you can get some super hot to not so hot wings. We got Honey Sriracha, and Chipotle Mango. Oh my god, so delicious. They were thought to be on the hotter end of the scale, but I promise they are not that hot. The honey and mango for both give this delicious tang that makes it less hot and gives the wings amazing flavor! There are like 30 different sauces, so go to town and try something new! In addition to the wings (make sure you try two kinds- if you’re in a larger group, try three!), we ordered Buffalo Chicken Cheese dip. This was actually hotter than the wings to me, but very tasty! I love chips and dip. Seriously, my favorite thing in the world. I was overall super happy!


Give it a try, and definitely go for a good sporting event! I bet the crowds there would be insane and super excited! I love sports, so I loved this place and eating pub food! It was the best!





Send Help, and Chocolate

Hello Everyone, Happy Monday!

Motivation, wow something that has not been coming easy to me these past few weeks, I feel like all I want to do is sleep 24/7. When I am asleep and I set an alarm to get up 9/10 I just hit snooze and sleep through it! Where has my lack of motivation come from? Since coming back from vacation I’ve really been struggling with motivation. I found that since being back my job seems extra mundane, I can’t seem to shake off the boredom and I am not inspired to workout or cook (and I seriously love to cook).

This time last year I was on an amazing road trip adventure, and was planning Italy, and this year I feel like the summer is just stretching ahead of me into a space of working at a Café. Sigh. I think that’s part of my problem, I don’t have anything exciting to look forward to and since I’m not particularly happy with my position in life, so I don’t feel motivated to get moving.

I’ve been trying to apply for jobs, but I seriously have just not heard anything back. I keep checking my resume to see if my email or phone number are misspelled… it’s that bad guys. Therefore my motivation for actually writing out another 10-20 cover letters is zero. Send help, chocolate, and coffee.

Ok enough with the negativity! Just writing this post has brought my motivation level up a bit, I can do this, WE can do this, let’s all conquer Monday together and get through this!

Good Luck everyone!

A Flat Tire

Hey Lovely Readers!

How is your weekend going?! I’m super excited it’s Saturday, because I had the WORST week, so I’m VERY glad for it to be over! I cracked my phone screen- my contract is up in a month, my car has a flat tire I’m supposed to go out and fix soon, a bunch of birds crapped on my car, I need to pay for an oil change and my car was recalled, I got a speeding ticket, and I’m so broke from all of this- thank god I get paid this week! I’m determined to make this week good! But even though it was such a bad week- car wise mainly- I’ve managed to laugh it off and get through it! Try not to focus too much on the bad and let it pile up, I promise that you can get through it- I know, it’s easier said than done! We all have our ways to deal with these things, as long as you figure out what’s best for you, you can get through these tough breaks! Just take a moment to breathe and take a break from it all!

So my post this lovely weekend is how to change your flat tire…. For anyone who knows nothing about cars…. like myself.

  1. Take a moment to just cry or pound the steering wheel in frustration. I did both.
  2. Call AMA or other insurance companies if you have that option and do not have a spare tire.
  3. Call your dad, boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, mom, anyone who really knows how to change the tire.

If all of these are not options, because you forgot to charge your cell- usually me- or you have a spare, here are the steps and what my dad showed me!

  1. Open your trunk and look for the Jack and the spare tire. It’ll be somewhere back there and if like me, your car is full of crap you keep forgetting to bring in the house, you will have to dig under all that stuff and lift up the bottom of the trunk.
  2. You have to jack up the car. You take the bit that can be moved up and down and put it close to the tire under the car. You then the thing with the hook and hook it into the hole of the jack, and the other thing with the circle on the end should connect to the hook bit and you should be able to crank it. Turn it until the car isn’t putting any weight on that tire. IMG_20170604_132346.jpg
  3. Next you want to take the thing with the circular end and loosen up/ take off the bolts. If you are struggling with this because they are way to tight- then step on it (near the end) and loosen it that way. I don’t know about you, but I’m not strong and that seemed to work for me! Tip: put the bolted things some place where you will not lose them! I put them on my Victoria Secret houdie in the trunk of my car while it was open!IMG_20170604_132805.jpg
  4. Take the tire off. If you look at the picture below, it shows that I have a nail in my tire which was the problem. Also, I had driven on it too much and the rim messed up my tire so badly that it couldn’t be fixed…. yay $200 later. If you’re car is hard to drive/ pulling this is how you know you have a flat. IMG_20170604_132909.jpg5. Put your new spare on. If it is too small, it means that you can only use it long enough to take you to the next gas station, or somewhere safer. IMG_20170604_132901.jpg6. Bolt that baby up again! Those things that you put in your safe place (aka my victoria secret houdie) can now come out and be put back on! Tighten them as much as possible! I don’t want any of you losing your wheels! Try stepping on the crank thing again like before to tighten even more! Do this until you feel like you can’t tighten anymore!

That’s it! You should be good to go now until the next place! My parents also bought me this thing! It’s been helpful for when my car battery dies, because it has all the stuff needed for that in there! It also has blankets, pylons, and a SAFETY VEST!!! Who wouldn’t want one of those! Anyways, my parents got this from Canadian Tire, but I feel like you can order them online from amazon or any place that sells car stuff!IMG_20170604_132057.jpg

Have a good rest of the day!


A Vegetarians Guide to Portugal

Hello everyone! So as you know I’m back form Portugal and it was amaazzzing! I figured instead of mushing all of my favourite things into one post I would split them into sections so you can get the full experience.

So of course the first post is going to be about food, I love food… this should be no surprise.

Quick recap; I am 90% vegan (so we will stick with the term vegetarian for right now), but I knew going into this trip that to make family travel easier I would just eat vegetarian (see my Travelling with Family Post for Tips!), and this turned out to be one of the best choices.

One of the national dishes of Portugal is a dish focusing on salted cod, so that should set the scene. I always had something to eat; but there weren’t always vegetarian dishes on the menu. For the most part we ate breakfast at our accommodations (we rented houses so we had a full kitchen that was stocked), so breakfasts were the easiest meal to account for.

Lunches were normally eaten out during our day, and most places had at least one omelet on the menu that I could customize to be veggie (which often included French fry cut potatoes – 10/10 would recommend trying this). During one lunch spot I ordered the veg soup that seemed to be a staple on most menus; however, any vegetarians out there will know the feeling of taking a bite of something and knowing that it contained meat, for sure this soup contained chicken broth.

Dinners were the most interesting. Sometimes we ate at our accommodations; which meant eating copious amounts of bread, cheese, and olives, and other times we went to restaurants. Some restaurants didn’t have anything vegetarian on the menu. You would open the menu and it would be split into two sections; meat and fish. The servers were all so nice and did the best to accommodate me, but I frequently at a dinner filled with vegetable sides (i.e potatoes and steamed broccoli).

If you read my post on travelling with family I mentioned that being flexible for dinners could help things go super smoothly, and I have to say that this trip reiterated this point to me. My parents were so lovely and I could tell they felt bad that I didn’t have many menu options, but they greatly appreciated my flexibility and on the last night they made reservations at a vegetarian restaurant in Lisbon for me!

Oh and if your wondering if I ate those two vegan power bars, I did, one on each long haul plane ride because as I predicted they had no veggie meal for me (also the meal on the plane was salted cod… odd choice as it was rather stinky)

That’s all for now!


Flower Power

Hey Dear Readers!

Here we are! The third post in the bunch! I wanted to talk a bit about motivation, since that was what I was supposed to talk about yesterday! I usually talk about different things I do to help motivate myself to feel good, healthy, and amazing!

One of the things I did this weekend was plant some flowers! Seriously, everyone needs some plants or flowers in their life! Our weekend was super sunny and hot, so my mom and I went and bought all of our flowers for the year! We tend to make our own flower arrangements in our own planters, because it’s more fun creating different looks with different flowers.

I absolutely love the whole process of planting flowers. When you look at your old planters, they’re all gross and full of dead plants, and look horrible. You just dig those old roots out and mix around the dirt. After the whole is dug, you place your flower in and add fresh dirt. They just look amazing and clean and healthy! I love planning out what colours to put together and adding different ivy plants and various flowers! The whole process is therapeutic! This year I planted strawberry plants too, so I’m super excited to eat some of those!


My dog who is super excited to be outside in the sun!


I recommend giving it a try, it’s relaxing and fun! Also, save the bees!

– Erin

A Vegan Dream- The Buckingham

Hey Readers!

Currently, I’m typing this up on the world’s smallest keyboard! I’m sitting at the airport ready to embark on my next adventure! Lol I made that sound insane, but really I’m just going to Vancouver….. So a province over! Still an amazing place and still super excited to be there!

Anyways, yesterday was what I ate Wednesday and I dropped the ball big time by not posting! I’m sorry guys! It was the Oilers game 7 and I’ve been crazy and now we lost so I’m actually kind of sad! But whatever, still an amazing year!

I wanted to talked today about a Vegan restaurant/club that Kathleen and I sometimes go to! She is still adventuring in Portugal, so I went with other people this time! It’s called the Buckingham or Bucks if that’s too classy for you to say! I used to go there all of the time to part because they play GREAT music! Classics like elvis, 80s rock- you name it! I always have such a good time dancing! However, we decided to go there for the patio and because they have an all day vegan menu!

It was super hot that day so I started off with a cold glass of lemonade and shared a ceasar salad and chips and dip with my friend! The chips are a deliciously deep fried and super crunchy. If you know me, you know my weakness is chips! It came with two dips guacamole and a dip called Pico de Gallo. Amazing and it tasted super fresh! We also had a ceasar salad with coconut chips and fake bacon- you can’t tell the difference at all! My other friend got the spices chicken tacos! I took a bit in order to confirm that she was telling the truth and that it was infact good! So with that meal, you get three tacos that are filled with pulled chicken, beans, tomatoes, onion, cabbage, cilantro, topped with salsa Verde and chipotle sour cream. So good and so healthy!


I recommend this place if you’re trying to eat healthy, if you want to go dancing in the evenings or bask in the patio, and if you want to try out some vegan foods, and I’d you are a lover of lemonade and alcoholic drinks!



Veggie Burgers and Milkshakes

Hey Guys! Happy Hump Day!

Today I wanted to talk a bit about a cheap place to eat in Banff that I tried out! I know cheap, good, and in downtown Banff? I must be lying. However, I’m really not! This place was amazing! It could be that I was so hungry after my hike that anything was going to taste good, buuutt I really think that it was good!

So here it goes! The place is called Eddie’s Burger + Bar, and its located in downtown Banff.  That day, I got the veggie burger and kettle chips, because I wanted to attempt to be healthy. I then decided last minute to get a cookies and cream milkshake- so clearly that stuck with me really well! The Veg burger was a chickpea and yam patty, and had jalapeno cheese, tomato, cucumber, roasted garlic, aioli, mixed greens, pesto, and was on a sesame seed bun. It was everything I hoped and dreamed it would be and was only $17.75 (pricey for a burger, however, in Banff that is considered a not bad price). The milkshake was obviously good, and the insane part is, is that I drank a whole glass of it, and they gave me a tin container (that it was mixed in) and I had even more. It was a never ending milkshake for $8.00.

Here’s the picture of my meal. I am soooo sorry the burger is half eaten. I started eating it and my friend was like hey don’t you need a pic for the blog and I was like noooooo crap! So my bad! It looked so good I had a few bites before the picture! My bad!



Just to finish, I would have to say that I’m pretty sure Arya Stark (Maisie Williams) also ate there when she was in Banff filming for Game of Thrones (this could be a rumor, but it’s what I’ve heard)! The site shows a picture of her eating there! She was definitely in Banff, but I’m not sure what actually for! I guess we’ll have to wait and see!

Cheers, Erin

Some Great Advice

Hey guys!

So sorry we’ve been the worst at posting this weekend, but Kathleen and I were both away! Kathleen is in Portugal for the next little while and I was away hiking and then going to Comicon this past weekend! I promise better posts this week!

I’m SO excited to talk to you guys about adventures this weekend, but it’s going to have to wait! I will be spreading it out this week talking about the food, travel, costumes, and who I met throughout the week!

This was the first year my friend, sister, and I branched out and went to a Comicon outside out local one and it was amazing. This is the larger of the comicons in Canada, so there were more people to meet, more amazingly crafted costumes, and just more people! I can’t wait to share more with you!

I did want to share something I learned on a more serious note before I end this post for tonight. I was listening to Jeremy Renner’s interview at Comicon, and he said something super interesting that relates to our blog! Someone asked him if he had any advice about getting into acting, and he said give it your all and do not have a backup plan. It’s a super tough career to get into and there’s always going to be barriers, but keep on pushing! If you have a backup plan than you already know you are going to fail and the thing about acting is you do fail. Acting jobs are hard and they don’t come by easily, but just keep trying and working at it and it’ll come to you (this is all me paraphrasing!)

I thought this was a very interesting point! How many times have I set up backup plans and then had use them? I always expect to fail, and sometimes I don’t even try, because I feel like it’s inevitable. People tell me all the time that the careers I like won’t work out, and maybe that’s why I’m having a very hard time deciding. It all goes back to me trying to appease everyone, and trying to figure out a career or a purpose that they will be pleased with. But here’s the thing: If you do it and work for it, eventually you’ll succeed! And maybe this time I should go into it with no backup plans, and have the confidence that I WILL succeed this time. Maybe it’s ok to fail multiple times until it works out. Maybe this works for anything. If I go in and fail, the people in my life may tell me I told you so, and put there two cents into it. But, when I eventually do make it happen, those people won’t feel that way anymore. They just want you to be successful, but that doesn’t normally come until you’ve had a taste of failure first.


Rolling through the Week

Hi everyone!

Today is another What I Ate Wednesday, and I was a bad blogger and took no pictures of any of the food I ate. However, I did have a super tasty meal of vegetarian sushi for dinner tonight, so I thought I’d rave about that.

Ever have those nights were you just want to treat yourself to some me time? Well thats what I did tonight, after work I stopped at the sushi place across the street and picked myself up a bowl of miso soup, an avocado roll, and a house made vegetable roll. The miso was hot (and large), the rolls were perfectly balanced, and the Netflix was good (currently watching 13).

My avocado roll contained avocado (duh) and tempura bits, making it super creamy with the perfect amount of crunch. The vegetable roll contained cucumber, avocado, carrot, and asparagus – a vegetable I was initially hesitant about having in a roll but it turned out perfect! I also OD’d on pickled ginger and lay on my couch in a food coma for 2 hours.

Side note – as I was cleaning up the kitchen I had a standoff with a millepede and managed to trap it in the togo container that held my miso. Look kids procrastinating kitchen cleanup can save your life- tell your friends.

Thats all for now happy eating


Feeding My Addiction

Welcome back to another What I ate Wednesday!


This morning I woke up bright and motivated at 8am. I didn’t have to work till 12 so I went for a nice morning walk and treated myself to some starbucks breakfast! I had a spinach and feta wrap and a Caramel Macchiato with Almond milk.


Lunch (snack?)

So I didn’t really have a proper lunch today. I was pretty full after my breakfast so I had a quick snack of some homemade trail mix right before work before I had to jet.


(Homemade trail mix)

While at work (I work at a bakery) I had a leftover lemon tart and two ginger cookies! Oh and I also had an iced chai with almond milk (my bakery makes their own chai concentrate and it’s super tasty).


I met up with some friends at a local Indian Buffet and oh my god it was amazing! I love Indian food so much (it is the addiction in question)! I had a little bit of everything which included; pakora, aloo tikka, matar paneer, channa masala, Veg Korma, the list continues. Oh and I also tried coconut naan bread for the first time? I had no idea this was a thing and it was good! Definitely sweeter than I thought it would be, so it was good on it’s own and I think it would have been great with some fruit!

That’s all for now!

Happy eating!