The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F***

Hey Guys,

I’m coming back with another book review for you! Ok, this book is amazing and I’m going to go ahead and give it 5 stars right now! It’s like you don’t even need to read the review now… but seriously give it a read if you have time! It’s called the Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson.

Alright this book has actually changed my mentality and how I look at things now that I’ve finished it! Mark Manson brings up some super important points in the funniest way! It’s like he addresses this big problem that relates to you and it’s kind of life changing, but you’re also laughing because it’s funny? You’re like oh this is hilarious and is also me and why am I like this?! I would probably starting crying if he wasn’t making me laugh!

Anyways, I learned a lot about myself. I learned that I am part of the group of people that just cares about the small things in life too much! I care about other people’s fights at work, I care about if some stranger yells at me, I care if someone is driving too close to my car, I care about all of these trivial things that don’t matter and shouldn’t be wasting my time on. So now, I’ve started to say F*ck it. It’s not worth my time to care about all of this. If someone doesn’t do their job at work, and leaves me with all this work, I say F*ck it and do my job. If some stranger yells at me (which actually has happened recently), I say F*ck it. None of these problems are in my control. I can’t control how other people react and what they do. I just do what I can and change what I can change, while also not getting worked up about the small things. Whose to say why that stranger yelled at me! I don’t know his story. Maybe he heard bad news about something, maybe he got fired from a job, maybe he hates his job and feels trapped. What I learned from Mark Manson is that sometimes people treat you a certain way because of their own insecurities and that’s what I think about now.

He also helped me with my future. As you heard in recent posts, I want to go to school to be a prop builder for theater productions and for movies eventually. All I’ve heard from people is how much money I’m going to lose going to school and how much I’m going to be poor forever. I shouldn’t bother me, but it creates this fear in you that you didn’t have before! What if nothing comes from it, what if I suck at it, etc. Well how will I ever know if I don’t try! I have this fear of failure, but you could fail at anything in life. You’re always going to have cons to any job you do. However, if the pros outweigh the cons and the struggles are worth it to you, then it’s worth trying! If you can’t except the challenges, then that experience is not worth it for you. Once I read this book, that anxious fear left me, because he’s right. We’ll always have problems, we just have to accept them and embrace them.

Mark Manson talks about a lot of different things like this. He talks about having strong values and gives examples of a weak value of trying to be the most popular at a party or on social media. This is something you can’t control. You can’t force other people to like you and how they feel at a party. And I get this way! Especially now with Instagram’s new algorithm! It sucks to not have people be able to see my pictures, but why is this one of my values at all?

The book is amazing and will make you thing back on your own life and what you can change. It talks about putting yourself out there into the world to get what you want. He talks about feeling emotions, having good values, and losing this sense of entitlement that people sometimes get. He talks about being afraid of success and working hard! I love that he brings up Buddha and talks about accepting that you’re bad at something in order to let yourself go to succeed

His book made me view my life differently. I actually took notes and am trying to practice what he preached!

Thanks for the good book Mark Manson!

Now I’m onto What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty.


A Fresh (Faced) Start

Hey Everyone!

We’re back! I hope you love the new layout of our blog, fresh faced and inspired to bring you guys some new amazing content! Speaking of fresh faced, I’d love to talk about something that a lot of people struggle with – skin.

Now (thankfully) I’ve never had bad problems with my skin, just the odd pimple here and there (and dryness), but recently I have been breaking out left right and center and the texture of my skin has been very very off.

Personally I think your skin appearance has a lot to do with what you put into your body. I know of quite a few people who have had acne related to dairy products, and once they cut out dairy they have the best skin of their lives!

I don’t feel like my nutrition has been terrible these past few weeks, but if I look back on it I have been eating a lot of sugar (I ate two Kougin Amanns back to back), and my fitness routine has been low to non-existent.

That explains the breakouts, but the dryness is something that I have only ever had to deal with in the winter and now I’m finding that my skin is SUPER flaky and rough. I have an amazing chemical exfoliant from The Face Shop that uses green apple. It is completely smooth when you apply it, but the enzymes attack your skin as you rub it in and it eventually balls up all the dead skin. It is the most satisfying thing ever to see your dead skin just rubbed away, HOWEVER that is the danger with it! When your face is constantly dry and flaky it is easy to reach for the exfoliator and just get rid of it all but that is BAD. Do not over exfoliate your skin or you will just get more dry and over sensitive skin!

Here’s hoping I haven’t been doing that (I try to only using it MAX 2 times a week, I aim for 1).

This weekend I have been trying to drink lots of water, cooking with lots of turmeric, and I’m taking chlorella (which I used to take and then my nutrition plan just went out the window). I am also aiming to exercise four times this week, and clean all my makeup brushes (and quite possibly throw out) my beauty blender. I’m also going to try to stop drinking alcohol which I find hard since it is such a social thing (blog post on this later). I’m tired of having dull skin! Here’s to a fresh faced blog and blogger!

Got any skin remedies I should try? Leave them in a comment below!


A Flat Tire

Hey Lovely Readers!

How is your weekend going?! I’m super excited it’s Saturday, because I had the WORST week, so I’m VERY glad for it to be over! I cracked my phone screen- my contract is up in a month, my car has a flat tire I’m supposed to go out and fix soon, a bunch of birds crapped on my car, I need to pay for an oil change and my car was recalled, I got a speeding ticket, and I’m so broke from all of this- thank god I get paid this week! I’m determined to make this week good! But even though it was such a bad week- car wise mainly- I’ve managed to laugh it off and get through it! Try not to focus too much on the bad and let it pile up, I promise that you can get through it- I know, it’s easier said than done! We all have our ways to deal with these things, as long as you figure out what’s best for you, you can get through these tough breaks! Just take a moment to breathe and take a break from it all!

So my post this lovely weekend is how to change your flat tire…. For anyone who knows nothing about cars…. like myself.

  1. Take a moment to just cry or pound the steering wheel in frustration. I did both.
  2. Call AMA or other insurance companies if you have that option and do not have a spare tire.
  3. Call your dad, boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, mom, anyone who really knows how to change the tire.

If all of these are not options, because you forgot to charge your cell- usually me- or you have a spare, here are the steps and what my dad showed me!

  1. Open your trunk and look for the Jack and the spare tire. It’ll be somewhere back there and if like me, your car is full of crap you keep forgetting to bring in the house, you will have to dig under all that stuff and lift up the bottom of the trunk.
  2. You have to jack up the car. You take the bit that can be moved up and down and put it close to the tire under the car. You then the thing with the hook and hook it into the hole of the jack, and the other thing with the circle on the end should connect to the hook bit and you should be able to crank it. Turn it until the car isn’t putting any weight on that tire. IMG_20170604_132346.jpg
  3. Next you want to take the thing with the circular end and loosen up/ take off the bolts. If you are struggling with this because they are way to tight- then step on it (near the end) and loosen it that way. I don’t know about you, but I’m not strong and that seemed to work for me! Tip: put the bolted things some place where you will not lose them! I put them on my Victoria Secret houdie in the trunk of my car while it was open!IMG_20170604_132805.jpg
  4. Take the tire off. If you look at the picture below, it shows that I have a nail in my tire which was the problem. Also, I had driven on it too much and the rim messed up my tire so badly that it couldn’t be fixed…. yay $200 later. If you’re car is hard to drive/ pulling this is how you know you have a flat. IMG_20170604_132909.jpg5. Put your new spare on. If it is too small, it means that you can only use it long enough to take you to the next gas station, or somewhere safer. IMG_20170604_132901.jpg6. Bolt that baby up again! Those things that you put in your safe place (aka my victoria secret houdie) can now come out and be put back on! Tighten them as much as possible! I don’t want any of you losing your wheels! Try stepping on the crank thing again like before to tighten even more! Do this until you feel like you can’t tighten anymore!

That’s it! You should be good to go now until the next place! My parents also bought me this thing! It’s been helpful for when my car battery dies, because it has all the stuff needed for that in there! It also has blankets, pylons, and a SAFETY VEST!!! Who wouldn’t want one of those! Anyways, my parents got this from Canadian Tire, but I feel like you can order them online from amazon or any place that sells car stuff!IMG_20170604_132057.jpg

Have a good rest of the day!


Travelling Alone

Hello…. It’s me.

It’s so weird, because I’m literally typing up a bunch of posts, just in case I run out of time to do it on my trip! So currently, I’m still on a plane to Vancouver. You can imagine me with my IPad and Keyboard typing, gazing out the window, and listening to Elvis’ I can’t help falling in love with you. Sounds like it would make a great movie actually. Such good imagery. Anyways, based on when this post will be out, it’ll be Saturday! So happy Saturday everyone!
I wanted to talk a bit about travelling along! It can be a kind of sketchy thing, but I promise it is worth it in the end! As you know from my last eight million posts, I will be in Vancouver and am currently on a plane by myself! At first I was super nervous to be going by myself. I was listening to Anna Farris’ podcast and she had given the advice to go somewhere and learn something new about yourself and go on a road trip for just you. When I heard it, I thought that that was crazy! How can you do something like that alone! How can you be that comfortable? Honestly, I think it will be the best decision I could have made. To be honest, I won’t be very alone, because I’ll be with cousins. However, I never see these cousins, so sometimes it may be a little awkward and lonely- but worth it. I can already sense that there’s so much to learn about yourself when you’re alone! It’ll be amazing to be out of my comfort zone and to really get to know me and figure out what I want to do with my life! I’m excited! It’s all so thrilling!

I really recommend you guys do this at some point! Good luck with you’re own road trips!

– Erin