Part 2: Mountains, Mountains, Mountains!

Hi Everyone!

Its part 2 of our Travel Western Canada series, and today I’m going to talk about travelling in Alberta!

For the most part if you aren’t camping and travelling through Alberta, you’re visiting the mountains. Luckily Alberta is chocked full of beautiful national parks that contain a plethora of serene mountain views (see below).


(ooh ahhh)

Park 1. Banff National Park

Probably the most well known national park in Alberta, it boasts lovely mountain views and (I believe) is the oldest national park in Canada. I used to go to Banff all the time as a child, and my dad would often have conferences or business trips that my brother and I could tag along.

On one memorable trip to Banff I was staying the week with my dad while he attended a conference and low and behold it rained the whole week and we got trapped in Banff for a few extra days (not too shabby). The whole town was on doomsday alert, the grocery shelves were bare, and the river was raging!




Now a days Banff doesn’t call to me as much as it used too, it is often overpriced, full of tourists, and just generally commercialized. If you’ve never been it’s worth the visit, but keep in mind these next two parks (and bring yours patience if you do decide to visit)!

Park 2. Jasper National Park

The less touristy version of Banff; known for its amazing mountains, vibing LGBTQ+ pride scene, and serious snowboard scene. Recently this has been my families go to mountain vacation, as well as my boyfriend and I’s favourite place to spend reading week.



Jasper is MUCH more laid back, if you don’t go during the summer months, many of the stores and restaurants are actually closed during the off season, so fair warning a head of time. Last time I visited my boyfriend and I stayed in the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge. I have never stayed in a Fairmont before and I was over the moon to have the opportunity. We had an adorable little cabin room, and seriously the price was worth it for the pool (and its views) alone.

Park 3. Waterton Lakes National Park

This park is a new discovery for me, I have only been once (last year), and I was blown away! Located in the southern part of Alberta this park also contains beautiful mountain views and as with all these national parks – a lot of hiking trails. Similar to Jasper, most of the restaurants and stores are only open seasonally so first time visits are perhaps better kept to summer months!


As a bonus visit Albert sight, on the way to Waterton you can stop at Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump, an archaeological sight that was used by indigenous peoples in the past to kill a large number of buffalo. It is seriously super cool and so worth it!


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Yamnuska Wolf Sanctuary

Hey Guys!

Hope you had a good Tuesday! Today, I wanted to talk a bit about the wolf sanctuary about 60 minutes from Banff! If you love animals and are looking for something to do, then I recommend that you go! It’s 100% a must!

I loved my experience there! There are three different options you can choose when visiting. For one, you can do just a tour of the place- walking around and checking out the wolf dogs. Second, you can do a tour and do a behind the scenes where you can ask questions to some of the people who run the place. Last, you can do both of those options and be able to meet and pet the wolf dogs! Very cool experience!


I did the second option, because we did not book in advance. I recommend that if you are feeling more timid around the wolf dogs. You can ask as many questions as you’d like, get some great pictures and see some of the wolf dogs up close. We had a great teacher named Joel- he gave us a lot of information. The other thing to, was that it was one- on- one. There was only us in the group, so that was kind of cool too! If you want to get to know the wolf dogs first hand, make sure to book in advance! They are really accommodating and will try to get you in if you show up last minute, but just try to book in advance if you can! I recommend the second and third option if you are going to visit! It’s quite a small area, and you’ll find you’ll get through it too fast! These options slow it down a bit so you have a great time and are interacting more. Also, I recommend that you go for at least one feeding time! They get super excited and it’s fun to watch!



I hope you guys check it out and have a good time! It’s an amazing non- profit organization that spends their time rescuing wolf dogs! Most of the wolf dogs they get come from people who think they’re pets, others come from sad stories of abuse. So, you know it’s to support a good cause!


Here’s the link for more information: