Some Great Advice

Hey guys!

So sorry we’ve been the worst at posting this weekend, but Kathleen and I were both away! Kathleen is in Portugal for the next little while and I was away hiking and then going to Comicon this past weekend! I promise better posts this week!

I’m SO excited to talk to you guys about adventures this weekend, but it’s going to have to wait! I will be spreading it out this week talking about the food, travel, costumes, and who I met throughout the week!

This was the first year my friend, sister, and I branched out and went to a Comicon outside out local one and it was amazing. This is the larger of the comicons in Canada, so there were more people to meet, more amazingly crafted costumes, and just more people! I can’t wait to share more with you!

I did want to share something I learned on a more serious note before I end this post for tonight. I was listening to Jeremy Renner’s interview at Comicon, and he said something super interesting that relates to our blog! Someone asked him if he had any advice about getting into acting, and he said give it your all and do not have a backup plan. It’s a super tough career to get into and there’s always going to be barriers, but keep on pushing! If you have a backup plan than you already know you are going to fail and the thing about acting is you do fail. Acting jobs are hard and they don’t come by easily, but just keep trying and working at it and it’ll come to you (this is all me paraphrasing!)

I thought this was a very interesting point! How many times have I set up backup plans and then had use them? I always expect to fail, and sometimes I don’t even try, because I feel like it’s inevitable. People tell me all the time that the careers I like won’t work out, and maybe that’s why I’m having a very hard time deciding. It all goes back to me trying to appease everyone, and trying to figure out a career or a purpose that they will be pleased with. But here’s the thing: If you do it and work for it, eventually you’ll succeed! And maybe this time I should go into it with no backup plans, and have the confidence that I WILL succeed this time. Maybe it’s ok to fail multiple times until it works out. Maybe this works for anything. If I go in and fail, the people in my life may tell me I told you so, and put there two cents into it. But, when I eventually do make it happen, those people won’t feel that way anymore. They just want you to be successful, but that doesn’t normally come until you’ve had a taste of failure first.