A Vegan Dream- The Buckingham

Hey Readers!

Currently, I’m typing this up on the world’s smallest keyboard! I’m sitting at the airport ready to embark on my next adventure! Lol I made that sound insane, but really I’m just going to Vancouver….. So a province over! Still an amazing place and still super excited to be there!

Anyways, yesterday was what I ate Wednesday and I dropped the ball big time by not posting! I’m sorry guys! It was the Oilers game 7 and I’ve been crazy and now we lost so I’m actually kind of sad! But whatever, still an amazing year!

I wanted to talked today about a Vegan restaurant/club that Kathleen and I sometimes go to! She is still adventuring in Portugal, so I went with other people this time! It’s called the Buckingham or Bucks if that’s too classy for you to say! I used to go there all of the time to part because they play GREAT music! Classics like elvis, 80s rock- you name it! I always have such a good time dancing! However, we decided to go there for the patio and because they have an all day vegan menu!

It was super hot that day so I started off with a cold glass of lemonade and shared a ceasar salad and chips and dip with my friend! The chips are a deliciously deep fried and super crunchy. If you know me, you know my weakness is chips! It came with two dips guacamole and a dip called Pico de Gallo. Amazing and it tasted super fresh! We also had a ceasar salad with coconut chips and fake bacon- you can’t tell the difference at all! My other friend got the spices chicken tacos! I took a bit in order to confirm that she was telling the truth and that it was infact good! So with that meal, you get three tacos that are filled with pulled chicken, beans, tomatoes, onion, cabbage, cilantro, topped with salsa Verde and chipotle sour cream. So good and so healthy!


I recommend this place if you’re trying to eat healthy, if you want to go dancing in the evenings or bask in the patio, and if you want to try out some vegan foods, and I’d you are a lover of lemonade and alcoholic drinks!




Veggie Burgers and Milkshakes

Hey Guys! Happy Hump Day!

Today I wanted to talk a bit about a cheap place to eat in Banff that I tried out! I know cheap, good, and in downtown Banff? I must be lying. However, I’m really not! This place was amazing! It could be that I was so hungry after my hike that anything was going to taste good, buuutt I really think that it was good!

So here it goes! The place is called Eddie’s Burger + Bar, and its located in downtown Banff. ┬áThat day, I got the veggie burger and kettle chips, because I wanted to attempt to be healthy. I then decided last minute to get a cookies and cream milkshake- so clearly that stuck with me really well! The Veg burger was a chickpea and yam patty, and had jalapeno cheese, tomato, cucumber, roasted garlic, aioli, mixed greens, pesto, and was on a sesame seed bun. It was everything I hoped and dreamed it would be and was only $17.75 (pricey for a burger, however, in Banff that is considered a not bad price). The milkshake was obviously good, and the insane part is, is that I drank a whole glass of it, and they gave me a tin container (that it was mixed in) and I had even more. It was a never ending milkshake for $8.00.

Here’s the picture of my meal. I am soooo sorry the burger is half eaten. I started eating it and my friend was like hey don’t you need a pic for the blog and I was like noooooo crap! So my bad! It looked so good I had a few bites before the picture! My bad!



Just to finish, I would have to say that I’m pretty sure Arya Stark (Maisie Williams) also ate there when she was in Banff filming for Game of Thrones (this could be a rumor, but it’s what I’ve heard)! The site shows a picture of her eating there! She was definitely in Banff, but I’m not sure what actually for! I guess we’ll have to wait and see!

Cheers, Erin