Boxing Day Shopping Spree

Hey Guys!

So I never really got the chance to talk about my boxing day purchases! I splurged and got some really cool things!IMG_3610

  1. Of course, I made a Sephora trip! I got this Rose Gold Elixir from Farsali – beauty oil. My skin has been fairly dry from our winter, so I bought some oil for my face to use with a primer before I start putting makeup on. Oh my lord it is beautiful! It smells amazing and if you look in the oil has gold flakes. I also find I don’t use that much so if you want it, start with the smaller bottle! And don’t use too much if you have an oily T- zone!
  2. Another Sephora Purchase was my foot mask. Basically it’s lotion in a slipper that can be tied around your ankle. It made my skin feel super soft- like just had a pedicure kind of soft! It was very cheap, and you can also get a hand mask as well ( I know all you fellow, freezing Canadians- and anyone else suffering- have dry, cracked skin from the – 40 weather lately and need this!). These are so easy to make too. You just use a glove or a freezer bag and fill it with lotion. If you are like me, you have excessive amounts of lotion you don’t know what to do with, so you can use it on this!Capture
  3. Lush, of course, Lipscrub. I ordered this online for some reason, but when it shipped to me, it froze instantly outside because it was so cold out! It was rock solid and should’ve known to not ship it in this cold weather! Apparently, you can eat this one- Sugar Plum Fairy Lip Scrub – and it does actually taste good! However, I don’t like the idea of eating dead lip skin, sooooo I just wipe it off (Sorry for that image!). It does smell delicious!
  4. For Black Friday- ok so actually way before Christmas- Urban Outfitters had a sale online of all their graphic tees for 30%, so most were under $20! I didn’t get the Friends shirt I had wanted, but I did get a very cool Winona Ryder in Beetlejuice t-shirt for under $20, and a Friends hoodie for around $30! Not bad! I love them!IMG_3613
  5. Last actual stop to an actual store was to Homesense (Click for some home inspiration ideas)! My favorite place! I have been looking to update my bedroom furniture before I move out eventually, so I bought a new chair for my room! It’s beautiful! It did cost me around $499 because Homesense is pricey and I had to buy it ASAP before it sold out! Homesense only buys a couple of each item, so you have to get it when you see it. Anyways, it’s so pretty and comfy- I’m sitting in it right now typing. It’s my motivation to type lol. I was like if I work on blog posts right now while I’m home, I can sit in my chair. My last chair I could never sit on. It was one of those round chairs and had a metal bar where your legs are, so it was not comfy at all!IMG_3616IMG_3618

I think these were all my purchases for now! Did you do any shopping? Let me know!Signature


Skin Care Regime

Hey Guys,

Hope you are doing great! Today I wanted to start a discussion about skincare and what products I’m currently using! Feel free to leave a comment or recommend a product and I’ll try it out and share with you in future posts!

So I wanted to start off with discussing my skin type. My skin changes from season to season, so my skin routine changes depending on the time of the year. Usually in the spring and summer, I have very oily skin. In winter and fall, my skin tends to dry out, to the point where I get very scaly looking skin and sometimes it even tends to peel a bit- gross!

Because my skin gets so oily in the summer weather, I usually have breakouts like crazy. Sometimes it feels like they never go away. Where I usually get my breakouts are in the my T- zone and around my chin and mouth. In the winter, I hardly break out. If I do, I notice it’s in a couple of spots and it’s usually during my time of the month.

During the winter months, my dry skin usually occurs anywhere outside my T- zone. During this time, my T- zone is not a problem. It’s not overly oily- sometimes it can actually be dry as well. This is the joy of living in Canada- dry air for days!

There’s a lot of good products that I use, but I have definitely had to test out a few over the years and try new things. Here’s my current list of products that I actively use:

For Face Wash:

– I use my Tea Tree Facial Wash from the body shop! This brand is great, because their not animal tested, and the Tea Tree feels like it’s actually working on my face. The face wash I use twice a day, almost everyday.

– The Rodan and Fields Micro- Dermabrasion Paste is my second go to. I use it like an exfoliator. When you buy this product, you are spending more money, however, it lasts a very long time. You only need the tiniest bit of the paste for it to do it’s job. It


dries out and smooths out any pimples or blackouts on my face. I’ve also been using it on my Keratosis Pilaris- those red bumps you sometimes get on your arm. People comment on my arms all the time because it’s so bad and red. Usually they think I have a sun burn, but actually I have a bunch of little red bumps on my arm. So far, the paste has toned that down BIG TIME. I’m hoping it completely clears up, and I can show you the results! So I use this twice a week and on my arms, I use it twice a day. Usually around my period, I break out even more, so I’ll use it every second day then. Exfoliators should not be used too much as they dry out your skin.


– I have one toner that I currently use. It’s also from the body shop and it’s called Seaweed. Toner is important to use because it closes those pours making it harder for dirt to get in. I use this after every face wash.IMG_3528

Olay Toner. I love this toner so much. I switched up brands to try something new this time, but definitely try that toner as well. I just found that I could feel it working because it would be cool on my skin and make it tingle. It’s a good toner and it is affordable as well!


– Currently, I have 3 different kinds of lotions I use. Clean and Clear, is a very gentle, hydrating lotion, and is affordable. It feels very light on your face, whereas sometimes lotions can be heavy and smelly. It doesn’t have too much of a scent which is nice. I use it twice a day or more depending on how dry my skin is in winter

Olay– This one does feel a little bit heavier, but I do love it! I have used this product for years and feel like it does it’s job well! Again, it’s affordable and there is a little bit of a scent to it.IMG_3530

Sleepy– I love this lotion for bedtime! I talk about it all of the time! It puts me to sleep in 15 mins. It’s a strong lavender scent. Surprisingly it does not smell too flowery, but actually more so sweet! I use this for bed.

As a side note. I tend to use way less lotion in summer, and I will increase my exfoliator uses as well! Summer, it’s easy for me to get oily skin, so I tend to avoid lotions as much or put a very small amount on. I will use more hydrating masks instead!

Face Masks (My favourite!): Before we get into it, I use face masks 1-2 times a week. Sundays I make a day for myself for a few hours and do face masks, hair masks, the whole works (more in future posts!). It is truly a day for myself to relax and get ready for the next week!

– The Body Shop- Tea Tree Clay Mask. I love this mask, it’s basically my face wash, but in mask form. It’s cool to the skin and tingly, it just feels like it’s working wonders on my skin! This is just a skin clearing mask, and I use it a lot to deal with break outsIMG_3531

– Lush- Mask of Magnanimity. This is a great refreshing/ waking up face mask. It’s got coffee in it, so caffeinated skin! Just kidding, but I love the refreshed feeling I get from using it. It is a little bit thicker, just so you know, but my skin feels cleansed and refreshed after!

– Rodan and Fields- Redefine. This is just a daily cleansing mask. It is very good. I use it to just cleanse my face when my face is clear. It’s just insurance that my face is getting cleansed and is ready for the day. I would use this everyday if I had time. I love it.

– Sephora- purple clay mask.So the purple clay mask is the moisturizing! I just started to use this, and I love it! It’s great for winter, when my face is very dry and like I said, in summer I’ll use moisturizing masks to replace some lotions. My skin feels rejuvenated after each use!

The last product I use at night is Rodan and Fields Lash Boost! I LOVE this stuff! I just put it on like I’m putting on eyeliner and it helps your lashes grow. I have noticed a difference since I have started using it. IMG_3532

Alright! That’s my list for now! If you guys have any comments, questions or concerns- let me know! I do appreciate recommendations- especially for a good hydrating serum!


Nap Game Strong!

Hey Guys!

I hope you are enjoying the new layout of the blog as much as I am! I have had so much fun rearranging the blog, and coming up with more intriguing topics. It’s amazing to me to see the growth of the blog since May! I feel like it gets more and more mature each time! Very exciting. I think it’s also worth noting that the photography for the page is all my own! I have recently found this new love for photography and I love to show you guys my work! All the pictures are from my trip to Italy and all from Rome actually!

So anyways, today I wanted to talk a bit about starting a routine! Routines have ALWAYS been hard for me. I have always worked such strange hours and on top of that, I used to have to fit homework in whenever I could. There’s so much I want to fit into my day now that I have time, but it’s still hard for me to get it all done, because I have never been used to having a good schedule. I find that because my shifts aren’t consistently on the same days, I overbook myself with shifts. I end up working WAY too much. This means that I eat whenever I have time to, sleep whenever I’m able, and skip important things like exercise because I do not have time.

So I have a new goal, and before New Years(as a side note, you don’t have to wait for New Years to start a new goal)! I am working on those healthy routines!

My biggest problem has always been Sleep. I NEVER get enough sleep! I am 100% night owl, and 0% early bird riser. This is my first change to my routine. Getting enough sleep is super important and I never get enough of it. I hate to confess to the time that I normally go to bed, but with insomnia it can range. So sometimes 12- 1am on a non- insomnia day, and on an insomnia day 2-3 am. Yuck, right. I sleep in, but still that’s not a lot of hours and regardless, leaves me A- basically no day and B-feeling fatigued throughout the day.

Alright, so here’s one of my goals for the remainder of this year and for next year: Have a healthier Lifestyle. So part of that big goal is to get 8 hours of sleep.

In order to achieve that here is my baby steps to achieve the greater goal!

  1. Go to bed before midnight- I would like to aim for 10! I find at night I get distracted by a good book, or a Tv series! My plan for this is to get rid of watching Tv before bed, if my book is too addicting, maybe I can switch to a puzzle or something! Also, my phone has an alarm you can set, to let you know when it’s time for bed and when to wake up! If you have an Iphone go into the clock function and tap on bedtime! You can change the times you want to sleep and get up to get a good sleep! For now, I put 9 hours of sleep!
  2. Wake up in the morning (in the single digits!)- I suck at this. I am the kind of person who sets an alarm at 7:00, 7:05, 7:10, 7:15… I think my goal for this is to go to bed early and sleep in the first couple of nights to catch up. Then from there, I’ll change my alarm to a little bit earlier every day to get the desired time (I’m thinking around 7).

So I also have some other sleep aid items that might help you as well!

  1. Sleepy from Lush– Oh my god guys. This stuff smells beautiful and actually works! So I would say that it knocks me out in 15 mins when I use it. I will put big purple spots to intensify the smell. I’ve heard you can also get it in a bath bomb (Twilight), but for me the lotion is something I can use everyday!
  2. Humidifier and Essential Oils- My true intention was to have a humidifier in my bedroom, because I find my skin is very dry in the winter, so I bought one that also

IMG_3512functions as an oil diffuser! I absolutely love it! The smells relax me- Lavendar I can use to help with sleep and peppermint is very good for colds. There are a variety in the package I bought. Both are from Amazon, and here are the links:

     Humidifier: Amazon- $34.99

     Essential Oils: Amazon- $25.95

  1. Jersey Sheets– I love my Jersey Sheets! I find that if you are the kind of person that gets hot a lot, these sheets help big time! They definitely feel cooler. Here’s where I got mine!
  2. TEA! I do drink lots of tea! My family usually has a cup a night! I usually stick with a nice, light tea before bed, which I will continue to help as a sleep aid! Here’s my favourite kinds before bed: Mighty Leaf Tea– The one I normally drink is a combination of peppermint, and dandelion root (which is good for digestion). If you’re worried about tasting dandelions, don’t worry the peppermint masks it. I’ll also drink Organic North African Mint Tea from David’s tea
  3. Before Bed, I plan on having an hour of no screen time. As I said before, my phone will notify me when its time for bed. But here is a suggestion of activities to do before bed, especially if you’re beginning to feel anxious about the next day:

– Colouring- Disney, and Harry Potter Adult colouring book , and pencil crayons 

Sudoku Puzzles

Harry Potter Puzzles

  1. My Fitbit- this is perfect for tracking your sleep. It will track your heart rate and tell you if you had a restless night or not! It also tells you when to go to bed and you can set your morning alarms on the app. It will wake you up by vibrating on your wrist! I have a Fitbit Blaze– click the link for more information!IMG_3508

Thanks for Checking out my post today! Hopefully these suggestions help you as well! Have any recommendations or comments?! Respond below!

– Erin xo


Hey My Dear Readers!

I hope you are having a great week! We are at Wednesday! THANK GOD! I really could use a day off. Unfortunately, that could be two weeks from now! The countdown begins to a vacation! I will be thrilled to go!

In the meantime, I thought I would let you guys know what I have been splurging all of my money on lately! I found that I have been breaking out lately, and I’m not entirely sure why, so I decided to go get a face mask from Lush….. and walked out with half of the store? Does this happen to anyone else?! I can’t help myself when it comes to lush! Everything smells so amazing and luscious? lol.

Anyways, here are some of my favourite products I picked up!

  1. Bath Bombs- You cannot walk into lush and not walk out with any bath bombs. Seriously. This is what they are known for and for a VERY good reason! Last week I used the Yoga bath bomb- the smells are SO relaxing. I recommend this for stress. I also really love galaxy and dragon egg! Both are very colourful, smell amazing, and – be warned- they leave a TON of glitter in your tub! BUT IT’S WORTH IT!
  2. Detangler- This hair detangler works magic on my constantly tangled hair. Seriously. It is even WORSE when it is wet. I really hate combing it. I find with this and probably the crazy amount of conditioner I use on my hair, I am able to comb it out without breaking any brushes, or cursing my hair. Your hair also smells like you are this hipster chick, living out in the woods, creating oils and you just smell like earth and nature. I bet you all know what I’m talking about!
  3. Ocean Salt- I bought this as a scrub and it is a not nice feeling at first, but in the end has some amazing results. It is this gritty scrub that feels awful on your skin. It’s mainly just rough is all, but it feels like it is really scrubbing the crap out of your skin and after my skin feels amazingly soft! I love/hate this product! It is definitely bittersweet! It is worth the results.
  4. Mask of Magnaminty- This is actually the only thing I was supposed to buy for my face… sooo…. yaaa! Basically, it is one of the best things I’ve used on my face! After I used it, all of the zits seemed to shrink, on top of the fact that it looked, smelt, and felt nice on my face! My skin looked super fresh after and it’s one of those face products that also feels like it’s working too!
  5. I haven’t bought this yet….. I plan on it anyways! I have heard amazing things about the sleepy lotion! It has lavender in it, and that smell is supposed to relax you! I’ve read tons of articles online and looked up reviews on the website that have said that it has done wonders on their insomnia! As your probably know and can tell because it’s 1:30 am and I’m writing 30 million articles, that I suffer from insomnia when I am stressed. It doesn’t matter how tired I am, sometimes I cannot fall asleep! I am so hoping this helps with that! Lavender is highly recommended and known for being relaxing! If this doesn’t help, they apparently have a three products that should help! Good luck fellow insomniacs! Let me know if it helps, or I will let you know very soon here!

So, anyways this is my current obsession! A ton of Lush products that I shouldn’t be buying, but I am anyways! Let me know which products are your favourite!