Mexico Excursion

Hey Guys!

So as you know, I did recently go to Mexico! Such a fun trip! One of the best parts of the trip was booking an excursion. Excursions are activities you can plan that the company you booked with have available for you to do. Basically it’s an added expense to do various activities. They normally last about a day and the company plans to anything ranging from snorkelling in a private location, to ziplining in the jungle. There was also whale watching (only in certain months because of whale migration), scuba diving, cave tours, visiting ancient ruins or sites, and simply going into town. They are super fun and add something to a trip.

My friend and I booked with a company called Sunwing. When we wanted to check out excursions, they were sitting at a table in the main lobby in our hotel where we could go ask them questions. Easy to find, and they will let you know the best excursions and for whatever price range. The most extravagant excursion was dinner and a show (cirque du soleil quality). It was called Rhythm of the Night and took place in the jungle in the dark. From my understanding it’s dinner and a show in a private part of the jungle! That was about $160 if I recall. So for the amount you get from that one (they’re way longer and there’s more to it than that), it’s actually not a terrible price! The one that we decided on was a trip to town- Puerto Vallarta- and only cost $60. It was a VERY good day!

We started off our morning picking people up from other resorts and from other hotels within Puerto Vallarta. We picked up a photographer, and she would take nice pictures throughout the day (It was only $15 for a disc of pictures). So the gist of our trip was that we paid to go into town, and we would go through the jungle next to have lunch and then end with a tour of a tequila factory. IMG_3264

We spent most of the morning touring through Peurto Vallarta itself. We stopped at the boardwalk called Malecon, and walked through there. The views were beautiful, and the best part was that the Day of the Dead decorations were still up! It was very cool! We actually had not meant to go for Day of the Dead, it was just the only time we were both available and the flights were cheap! When we had already bought we realized we accidentally booked it over Halloween, which is the beginning of the Day of the Dead. We also went to a parish there that was very nice. The colours were super bright, and there were flowers and sculptures everywhere- very different from the churches I saw in Rome, where colours are very similar. So other than that, we went through a few little stores! In Mexico, they always take you through a couple jewellery stores before you move on. It didn’t bug me at all, because there also was a bar in each store, so we had our tequila shots and moved on from there!IMG_3251

We stopped at one other store other than the jewellery store, and that was a souvenir place. I bought a really nice Day of the Dead skull in memory of me being there around that time! Basically the salesmen bargained with themselves when I was buying it! I was willing to buy it for $20 and they kept lowering the price thinking I wasn’t going to buy it! It went down so fast I didn’t even have time to reply until they’re final offer! I am a terrible bargainer- Is anyone comfortable with it? After that, we did go to the Marketplace! Neither of us bought anything, because after a while, everything starts to look the same. However, it was cool to see the decorations up and to just walk around in the sun… UNTIL the sun was unbearable! We went from kind of hot to like I can feel myself burning hot! So we, were happy to get on the bus and just drive around a bit. IMG_3304

This part of the trip was a surprise! When we had talked to the sunwing representative, it seemed like we would just drive through the jungle to get to the tequila factory. Instead, we stopped along the way and took some nice pictures of the views, and then had lunch in this very remote town! It was very cool, we were basically sitting outside by a waterfall, eating shrimp wrapped in bacon. There was also a lady making pitas, chips, and salsa on an open grill! The food and the food was amazing!IMG_3400



Last, we went to the tequila factory. It was a small home business. Just for the record, this was good quality tequila! They did NOT taste like that strong, disgusting, cheap brand of tequila! There was a few different kinds. He had a mandarin orange, and coffee flavored tequila- ok coffee tequila is deadly. You can use it on any deserts and in any warm drink! He had one white tequila- the strongest of the tequila family which was more manageable than a cheap shot of tequila. Last, he had three different dark tequilas. They range based on how long they’re in the barrel for. The longer, the stronger flavouring. It tastes like a woody kind of smokey flavour. Very good! IMG_3453

Other than that, we went back to the hotel and got back in time for supper and a beautiful sunset! It was a very good day! We saw lots and it was only $60! The cheap excursions very good if you’re looking to not spend a lot on some extra activities! Highly recommend!



Puerto Vallarta Mexico

November 9, 2017

Hey Everyone!

It has been a VERY long time since I have done a travel post! VERY long time! So, I thought it would be fun to finally do one- they are my favourite posts after all!

I think today is a great day to talk about Mexico! It’s cold, and snowy and a great time to talk about something warm and relaxing!

In June, maybe July? Anyways at some point this summer, I was thinking about how I didn’t get a very long vacation. When I went on vacation I was still working and they were never long enough. All I could think about was this super long trip to Europe I have planned in 2018, but it’s still soooo faarrrr awaaayyy! So I texted up my friend saying “We need a mid-point vacation before Europe. I will NOT make it to Europe!” We had debated about a few places- Hawaii? Las Vegas? Mexico?- but when it came down to it, the all inclusive hotel was PERFECT for both of our needs! We didn’t want the hassle of getting around, and making food basically (so much laziness), so Mexico all inclusive?- Perfect!IMG_3098

We decided on Puerto Vallarta region, and the hotel Riu Vallarta. It’s a 5- star all inclusive (Hotel link is at the bottom). We had debated about a few places, but I was very keen on going to this place after seeing the water slides and the look of the hotel. You’re probably thinking water slides?- ya I don’t know why I based my decision on that considering I don’t even care for pools, or go on water slides ever… In the end, it was still a great decision! The resort was clean, and had many good features!


Everyday we would begin our day with the buffet for breakfast! There were four possible places you could eat at- One fancy place inside the hotel, an Asian food place next door, another dress up/ fancy restaurant next to the ocean, and the buffet which changed it’s theme every night so you always had options! Anyways, after breakfast we would go to the beach for like 8 hours at a time! We would relax and suntan on the beach, go for a quick ocean swim (Every time we were like I’m not getting my hair wet, and every time my hair would get wet because I was pelted by a wave), eat some lunch back at the buffet and would drink an above average amount of Piña coladas, or Bahama mamas. These drinks would be served to us on the beach- which was amazing, but also kind of terrible at times! At one point, I had about 4- 5 drinks in a row ( I got one for my friend, but she was sleeping so I drank hers LOL) and got up to go to the bathroom and was like alright feeling a little day drunk! They sneak up on you fast when you’re not moving! Also, there were a couple of times we moved to the pool to avoid the sun and get a bit of a break! The pool was nice for shade, and also had areas where you could sit and read your book- I was super thrilled about that!IMG_3103

There were always activities throughout the day! I would say that the entertainment group there was amazing for getting people involved! They would play Spanish music VERY loud and would do stretching classes by the beach, Zumba, beach volleyball, soccer, and more! They constantly had people up and going and the funny thing was, that there were a lot of people involved that you wouldn’t think would be! During the day too, they would have either beach games or pool games- dancing, swimming, football games, and at one point they even had a foam party! They had a canon shoot out foam at people in the pool!

By 5pm, we were back in our room getting ready for dinner. Every night we came out to the main square for dinner, there was always a different theme by the entertainment group! There was Halloween, day of the dead, Mexican folk night, Michael Jackson, Rock Day and circus. The main concourse would be decorate with the theme, people would be dressed up, and they would constantly have activities for people to participate in. Usually during/ after supper, there was live music playing- different bands for people to dance to, and halfway through the evening there would be a live show! Dancers would come out dressed in costumes matching the theme of the night! I think it’s also worth it to note that the Haunted House they did was actually terrifying. My friend screamed and ran through the entire thing and I jumped into some poor Mexican dude’s arms, while he was with his kids trying to get through.IMG_3195

Overall, the trip was amazing! I highly recommend! There are a lot of activities for the kids as well if you are worried about that! We also did an excursion to town, which I will talk about in one of my future posts! There’s a lot to tell about the excursion!



Have you been to Mexico? What was your favourite part and where did you go? Let me know in the comments!

Link for the Hotel Riu Vallarta we stayed at (about 30 mins from Puerto Vallarta in Nuveo Vallarta)

– Erin xo