Grassi Lake, Canmore

Hey Readers!

If you’ve been keeping up with us, then you’ll know that today is Travel Tuesday! If you follow our instagram (, than you’ll know that I recently went on trip to Calgary, and did a day trip out checking out the mountains! We did many different things throughout the day, however, this week I’ll just talk about the hike I did and save the rest of later!IMG_2512.JPG

My brother and sister- in- law recommended Grassi Lake in Canmore, and seriously no regrets on following their advice. The day we went, it had snowed the night before, however, that did not stop us from going! We went up the easy way on the hike, because the difficult way was closed, but it didn’t matter. It was still kind of difficult. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an extremely easy hike compared to some of the other ones in the area, and  it will probably only take you 30 minutes to hike up (if you go the easy way). However, it was really hard to trek through slushy snow, so I do recommend good shoes if you’re going to hike up this time of the year. If you haven’t been to Canada before, then just know that it’s not really a surprise if it snows again in May- so just keep that in mind! Also, by the time we went down the mountain, the snow was already melted which was cool to see.IMG_2556.JPG


The snow made the hike up extremely beautiful and worth it! The trees were covered with a light frost, and at the top, the lake was this really pretty blue, and the trees were faintly white. It was breathtaking and totally worth it. At the top, there is one larger pool of water that trickles down into the second larger lake. When you go to the uppermost lake, there are rock climbers trying to make their way up the rock, which is definitely cool to watch! Before going back down, make sure you stop and check out this rocky area near the edge of the cliff! You will not be disappointed with that view! It was an amazing view.IMG_2574.JPG

I truly recommend this hike, especially if you’re not used to hiking. It was not too hard at all and you will definitely not be disappointed in the view or the trail.



Summer Hikes

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

So, it is getting close to that time of the year again where we can soon spend all of our days outside in the sun, doing what we love to do best! I have already started planning trips and road trips to go on and can’t wait for the summer!

I wanted to briefly talk about Lake Louise, because it is absolutely gorgeous, and Canada can be very underestimated as a place to travel at times! Anyone who knows me, or lives in my area has probably hiked or been to Lake Louise numerous times, but it’s so nice to see our readers from around the world reading our stuff and now I can share Lake Louise with you guys too!

Lake Louise is a very pretty, blue lake that is absolutely freezing, because of the glacial water melting off the mountains. It is super nice to dip your toes in after the hike, and you can rent kayaks or canoes if you are less interested in the hike itself, but still want to explore!

Beside the lake, is the Fairmont Hotel, which is absolutely beautiful, and when you walk the trails past the hotel, you can start the hike.

I was at my Aunt’s house one day in Calgary and she gave me her hiking trail book, and on each trail she hiked, she would mark off the experience of hiking it. So I chose Lake Louise thinking it was easy, because that’s what I thought she had wrote. When I looked back at it after, it definitely said hard, so I must’ve been crazy. But yes, it was hard, but so worth the views. At the halfway point, there is a smaller lake called Mirror Lake. At that point, it was so hot and we were so tired that we practically laid in the lake to cool off. The rest of the way was hard too, because of how steep it is, but you eventually get to the top and a tea house at the top, with another small lake. On the way up there is a beautiful waterfall for you to take a breather before climbing the steps up. Make sure you take some extra cash, and water, because it is expensive, but it is so worth it. Apparently, you can follow another trail and go further than that to possibly another tea house and lake, but this was perfect for us. Also, going back took no time at all and we made it back down in time to enjoy the sun going down behind the mountain.

The Tea House on the Mountain
The Lake by the Tea House
Mirror Lake (The halfway point)



So, if you’re looking for a good hiking trip, I definitely recommend hiking up Lake Louise. It is a harder hike, but take lots of water, and maybe a picnic and you can eat and take a long break halfway up. Then you can finish the hike drinking a nice cuppa at the top!

Hope you get a chance to go camping or hiking in beautiful weather!

– Erin