I’m Back!

I’m Bacccckkkkkk!

Hello everyone I’m back from Portugal and SUPER excited to start blogging again! I plan on doing a complete debrief of my trip later in the week, but for this post I thought I would just catch you all up on what has been happening (and why I’ve been away for so long!).

Firstly I would like to describe my journey home; our flight was suppose to go from Lisbon to Toronto (with a stop in the Azores) and from Toronto to Edmonton getting us back in town by 12am on Sunday. However because I have the worst luck getting back from Europe (Re: Erin and I getting back from Italy a day late because AirFrance strikes) we missed our connection in Toronto and had to stay overnight!

Here’s the scoop: anyone whose been to mainland Europe knows that time runs at a different pace from North America, and the day we left being no exception, our plane was three hours late due to the fact there was no plane to put us on. They found us a plane and got us all on only to tell us that they didn’t have clearance to take off so we waited another hour. Also this plane had no brand names it was just completely white, needless to say people were starting to wonder WHAT was going on.

Ok so finally we’re in the air and we have to stop in the Azores and we get unloaded and loaded onto a completely new plane! There are other random inefficient items that transpired but I will just keep it to that for now. The airline that flies from Portugal to Toronto is not the nicest, with a limited movie selection (Me Before You, X-Men Apocalypse, Suicide Squad, and the latest Ice Age), and a strong smelling salted cod meal (See my tips for Travelling as a Vegetarian!).

When we landed in Toronto they gave us a voucher for a hotel and a meal and sent us on our way. We had a flight at 7:10 the next day getting us back into Edmonton before 10! In the end the extra stop over wasn’t bad – it gave us all a real bed to sleep on.

On that last plane ride home I caught the Plague and so I’ve been recovering ever since, oh and working; I guess I’m back to working now to.

Talk soon!



Dye-ing of boredom

Hi everyone!

It’s Sunday Funday and ‘m here to talk about something that (should be) fun – hair! Every 6 months or so I have this intense craving to change up my hair, be it from brunette to red, or long to short+ ombre. If you haven’t guessed these were my past choices.

Something I’ve discovered is that I am not meant for high maintenance hair. Ever. I dyed my hair solid red in first year university and I liked it except for the moment I could see roots and then I was just irritated. However I was living off a Starbucks part-time wage and so I couldn’t afford to dye it every time I saw roots. It’s a vicious cycle you see.

Last year in December I had just finished the first semester where I had been going to school full-time, working full-time and living on my own. After that semester I basically said “Fuck it” and decided to cut off my almost waist length hair (much to my future boyfriends dismay). I decided to jump on the band wagon and try out some “rose gold” ombre hair (rose gold is in quotes because it came out light pink). I liked that hair except for when I blinked (aka washed it ONCE) and the dye was gone. After that I was just left with the bleached out ombre ends that I couldn’t find the heart to re-dye pink just to see go as quick.


(look at that beautiful hair)

I’m back to brown now and super happy. I have a haircut booked this week (the first in a year -woops) and I have the familiar itch to change up the look and go for some red ombre… Someone stop me – who am I kidding – I do this to myself.


(something of what my hair is now)

Guess I’ll just dye happy