She wants to go to the Seaside

Hello Everyone!

Travel Tuesday and since the next trip I’m going on is to Birch Bay, Washington – I thought it would be a perfect time to talk about that lovely city!

My boyfriend’s family owns a little cabin in Birch Bay (2 hour away from Vancouver) and it is absolutely gorgeous there. It’s one of those towns that come alive in the summer time, full of little restaurant and gorgeous beaches.


When we went last year, it was a big deal for my boyfriend. I don’t think he had been on his own accord before, always with his family, so for us to have driven down there just the two of us was something really special.

I had just gotten back from Italy and I was so incredibly jet lagged, in retrospect I felt so bad for being completely out of it.

On the way back we stopped in Vancouver and ate our weight in sushi and visited the aquarium (because you all know I LIVE for the aquarium). My birthday had just passed and so the aquarium was y present and so was this adorable beluga whale in a hoodie.


My boyfriend takes on a lot of stress, and so to have him on vacation just chilling was the best feeling! I can’t wait for this year. We are borrowing my parents Honda CRV (he is still convinced he is doing all the driving), and we actually have a full week which means more days in paradise!

That’s all for now!




Hey Lovely Readers!

It appears that we have neglected the blog this week, but I’m here to tell you that I have four new posts going up today! I had some tough work choices to make and now that I’m past it I’m dreaming about one thing in particular. The beach. I really need a beach right now! This time last year, I was living in Italy, and one small train ride would take us to what we so needed- a beach!

So, here is my list of beaches I have been to that I have really enjoyed!

  1. Sorrento, Italy– if you go up to the collapsed ancient roman villa (Villa Pollio Felice)- check out our older post- just remember there is technically no beach to sit and read on. However, I liked this too, because I just floated there in the nice salty water and watched the sky! I seriously miss it. If you want more of the ocean experience, you can go outside and swim through the crack in the wall, however, I found that just swimming on the inside was perfect for me and way more relaxing! I highly recommend!13620881_10154522787770695_2456017493217757636_n (1)
  2. If you do want to be able to read your book, still go to Sorrento’s public beach! It is still very beautiful! The public beach does fill up fast, so it might be nice if you take some extra euros and save them for a private area! There are some really great beach setups! When you are done with the beach, you can climb the long stairs back up to get to the city, and at the top there is an amazing view.13620390_10154522790690695_1467559127934502551_n3. Seiano was another town we went to for a beach. It is a little bit rocky, however just as nice! For us it was good because it was closer and easier to get to then waiting a 30 min train ride from Pompeii. However, if I know you, you will most likely be staying in Sorrento and not in Pompeii (or somewhere close). Seiano is one of those off places that I feel like doesn’t cost as much and is still just a short train ride away from Sorrento! It also has a very nice beach and a gelato place very close to it as well (which is always recommended).IMG_2351.JPG
  3. Over to Hawaii now! Honolulu has a beautiful beach with white sand. The water is pure blue and in places like Hanauma Bay has clear water for snorkeling! Send me your pictures of the pretty fish! Seriously, My finger was in front of the camera I bought for almost all of the pictures. I felt bad for the people that were developing them! Nothing interesting to look at by any means! I recommend a beach day at Hanauma Bay!IMG_0575
  4. Greece is my last place. The ones in Athens are nasty- don’t go there. But I would have loved to go to one right beside Poseidon’s temple! That was the clearest, and bluest water I have ever seen! I also recommend going to some of the islands for a day- for both Greece and Italy! They do have the best beaches and they are not as busy!


Those are my top 5! I am booked for a Mexico trip in November, and a Europe trip in May (I’m coming for you Nice!), so there will be an updated list I’m sure!


I fell in love in Lisbon

Hi everyone!

Back for a Travel Tuesday, and I hope you all enjoyed our mini travel Western Canada series these past three weeks! It was super fun to dive into a place that we call home, but is actually packed full of great travel stops!

Since we did that mini series I haven’t had the opportunity to share my Portugal trip with you all!

So today I’d love to talk about Lisbon and the surrounding area. My family and I spent three days in Lisbon, and that was NOT ENOUGH. I love Lisbon! It is chocked full of so many cute streets, restaurants, and shops!

Oh and also Lisbon has an amazing aquarium that I (of course) had to drag my entire family to, and they have a Sunfish there. Now Sunfish are very hard to keep in aquariums because they need the different temperature layers that deep water (like the ocean) creates. But because Lisbon aquarium is just designed amazing (they have one of the biggest tanks in the world) it is big enough to create these stratified layers the Sunfish needs! I seriously fell in love with this Sunfish and I now have a key chain of him that I tote around with me and show everyone.


My dad is a musician and he really wanted to go see some Fado (and is was his birthday so of course we had to!) and we ended up in this amazing location.

You all know now that I love Dan Brown with a fiery passion, and we saw this Fado concert in the old water reserve of the city. I’m not kidding it was that exact final scene in Inferno in Israel where they see the Dante concert in the old water reserve.


As you can tell I saved the world, I made it just in time to stop the plot against the world.

But seriously, would highly recommend.

The second place I’d love to mention is in the surrounding area of Lisbon and a blogger actually recommended it to me! Thanks to Salt of Portugal for recommending that I check out Sintra! It is an old resort town filled with tiny streets and cool shops (sensing a theme?). My parents and I decided to climb up the hill/mountain to the castle at the top, and the views were absolutely stunning. It was for sure the most tourist-centered place we went but it was worth a stop for sure! For those who have been to Sorrento Italy, it had a similar vibe to that!

The castle was also amazing and looked like something out of a Shrek film (thanks to the Lonely Planet guide book for that sound bite)


Ok everyone, that’s all for Portugal! Enjoy your week and we’ll talk soon!